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Episode 9 · 1 year ago

Episode 9 - You Should Probably Watch "The Last Dance" Before Listening To This


[Recorded via Zoom] - In Episode 9, Sam and Alex probably psychoanalyse 1990's Michael Jordan a little bit too in-depth. They also chat a little about wing-manning, but the majority of the podcast is about MJ......our bad.

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Maybe to my listening. You're listening to the sum and Alex podcast. Three, two, one, Luckukara Cha, awesomely done. Thank you. Thank you. It's a really long time to repair that. If you even working on your Southern American accent. Yeah, I've been learning Spanish. It's been expecting fun. We're watching so much narcos. All right, how you been? Has a week been? Right? It's good. We have some great news here in Australia. The government to eating up on the restrictions slightly. Yeah, fuck you, rowner. We've we've got active cases down below a thousand now, so it's it's looking good. We can go see family and friends and have gatherings of up to five people indoors and ten people outdoors, which doesn't make any sense to me, but okay, it's a it's been very good. I actually being the first day of full like the next stage of, you know, the so stual distancing everything. I treated myself some to a nice dinner. Had had some KFC but, like the Promo was over the weekend, but I really shouted that I missed the twenty five percent off private although you get us. I had KFC that as well. It's really close. Yeah, it's not about it, but yeah, no, it's it is much better that we can. We can now sort of, you know, move around a little bit free of than what we have been. Yeah, yeah, it's it's nice to get a little bit of freedom back and obviously, you know, we're going to be in a place soon where we can do this in person. It is, how awesome would that be? I know, as it's actually really good, because I think it's kind of working out well to the way that we kind of structured, or wanted to structure our podcast in that there that hold like the first kind of you know, ten episodes, whatever it's going to be, will be almost purely wild, over, over, zoom and in lockdown, and then we can start to the next the next ten in person. So it should be that that is an unbelievable plug for the next ten episodes of the seven Alex podcast. Wonderful as we may, we may start introducing guests from episode eleven onwards. Who knows, maybe you not. You like to be a guest? It's a fun thing. At your send us something again, tell us why. Yeah, and we'll almost definitely pick you because we're suing that nobody's going to want to be against. Look, we haven't had a huge amount of office thus far. We go see how we go. It can only got off. had a good weekend made purely because we finally, finally had some live sport back UFC two hundred and forty nine. You and I are sort of pseudo MMA fans. We can't like to get in and we don't know much about it, but we've played the game and it was given the fun. You'll see three and we do sort of follow it now and again, mostly when Conn mcgreg is fighting, sure, but there would. There was a heat terrifying result on the weekend. For All of you don't know, have a Google of Francis and Gano ng a double no, you and just come up. Just have a look on Youtube for a highlight reel. The Dude is scarier than Mike Tyson. That it was. Yeah, it. He's a terrified his nickname is the PREDACI. If that's any indication abow terrifying is. He's so scary. He's about six foot seven and he just puts people to sleep. He's got sledge Hams for fist. Were apparently grew up in like a sand mine. So all his strength and power comes from shoveling sand at the young age, which is even more terrifying. So it's like key of your best bin Intersion that personation. Look, I reported the doctor. Shadows betray you because they open Wong to to be I've done sorry, you did challenge me with a ban pocket and an impression. But but the guy that Francis knocked out rosen stroke, I think his name is. They're released how much the fighters got paid for that event. Guess how much roseen stroke made for getting a reproable brain damage like s Gana as like it as like a baseline, like you would not go into that fight for under like eight hundred thous like I wouldn't. I woulds that, wouldn't get close... it, like there is no way you get that that ring for less than like eight hundred thousand dollars. So allegedly he made twenty twozero Australian even us and just suffered one of the worst knockouts I've ever seen. It's terrified. It's generally terrified. What on Earth possessed him to do it, because apparently asked for Francis Sagada and then and then in the post fighted. If you Francis Sweat, you do not ask for Francis. This is not wise. Don't do it again. It got me thinking, like what would it take for you to get in a cage with France, Singana? How much money, I don't take for you to get any cake? Just said just that. I said a hundred thousand dollars, but obvious slee if it's myself, it's gonna be so very much higher. I feel like I thanks like you need to. You really need to consider that, like if, if there's any sort of recovery from it, like if there's any rehabilitation from what he does to you in the ring, then you have to obviously consider that. In most cases you probably got to kill you in the ring. So, yeah, I think you're accepting this like a nun. Two nine point nine percent chance you're gonna die in the ring. So think then then you just got to make sure that, like, you know, your kids, your kids, kids and kids kids, you really you really trying to create like addist from whatever he does too. Would you say a hundred billion? Look, I reckon, that's probably I feel like a hundred million could probably get spent by it's a little light. Yeah, like you really get it, like it'll be a hundred million and it'd be like a full business. You want to have your own business, you need to have like somehow like a an endorsement deal, like after the fact you can endorse something. You endores coffins or some Shit Tobin brothers come to you fresh cons of ship a postures. Endorsement would be the only way he could continue that. But I feel like, yeah, I think I would probably for a hundred million, along with some other benefits that would keep things ticking along for a little bit of time. Maybe a hundred million and a trust phone. It's just he's just so scary. I was telling I was actually telling you about this on the weekend, when I'll because what I called you literally just after a not this tout out be like, dude, have a look at it. What what she gave me kind of like the weirdest sensation of fear that I've ever the scariest thing I've ever felt in my life. Right. So it's kind of that feeling where, if you're scared of heights, like I am, if you get towards like the edge of a very high point and you look directly down. I don't know what it is. The equivalent is for girls, but for guys it's like that, that feeling if your balls going back up inside the sack, like they sense there's danger. So many have a very cold shower, you know, like that initial shock factor. You like yeah, danger, yeah, and I say it was. It was a fucking terrifying just like twenty was at twenty two seconds, twenty two seconds. And what was worse was, you know, normally you don't hear the punches. Let's get but because there's no one in the crowd or anything, you literally heard every one of those puppies hitting bone on bone. SCART. Oh, the worst thing was that was it Rosen. Was His name? Rosen, strike, rose, Ruy, stroke I. Rosens, right, I think his name was on the sure still going, but like you like, he starts off, he does like a really eat does like a really strong leg get and garden and it just like must be like twigs, something in a goes brain and he just went like you just turned into a monster. It was. He's like, Oh, you're actually going to try fight me? Well, check this outside. The worst part was it like he knocked him out with like one hit. So, like you can see as he was falling back he was obviously out. But then when he hit that, he's head hit the home cage and then a Guto got about another three into him before the REF could stop. Like it was this big shout out to the REP big shout out to the Raff as well, because to try get in the way of that guy, because their job is to protect the fighter, right, so to try protect poor rosin stroke on the ground. Well, Frances is just wailing. Got Him. I would not try my body here. there. There is. Yeah, there's no way. I'd just accept there is that. There's nothing left of that dude. We're going to have someone get a shovel in. Just Gut. It's over, Frances, please stop. Yes, it's I at that point, at that point you're picking out your suit for the funeral, like surely it's just looking at you. Okay, yeah, it was. That was a terrifying twenty two seconds actually. Speaking speaking of like big hitters, it's been pretty, pretty funny having a look at Mike Tyson in the in this kind of isolation period.

Could clearly try to get as fit as possible to have a bit of a comeback. It's it that's been later this year and you think, or is it gonna be next year? Apparently he's trying to come back next year. He said he wants some tuneup fights this year. I don't know if anyone seen, but there's there's a fight. A split screen photo going out at the moment. I think if the first photo is from a year ago of Tyson in a Dolphins Jersey, hard with it, with a bit of a dad blood like. I wouldn't say he's massively out of shape, but you know he's not Mike Tyson. And that first no and the next one is him like four months into or three months into Wisi or something, and he just looks shred sitting. He's He's a terrify unit. There's some like trading footage of him hitting the pads against some UFC traders like that and he's too quick for the trainer and like he's just he's probably lost like if he's put into like cricketing terms, he might have lost like a quarter yard of pace. Like he's he's still bowling like one, one hundred and fifty five. He was one sixty. Now he's one hundred and fifty five is not any slower. It's just it's just terrify. People are going to remember as well. Like Tyson finished up in like the late s's tysting his twenty years out of the game. It's like they'd be like Bratley coming back to cricket in odd and e twenty thirty or something and still bowling about a hundred and thirty five case exactly. Yeah, I can't scary. I can't wait to see who he's gonna fight next. Like there were some things rolling around with some local funny players at Australia. There was like Barry Hall, poor down, poor gallant, and Sunny Bill Williams, and I would williams sunny bolt and I just I would love to see the like. Just the notion of Mike Tyson fighting one of them would be absolutely hilarious. Like he will kill them in the ring, like it doesn't matter. Yeah, you can have like like triple the like the weight on the gloves, like triple the padding, and he'll still kill them in the ring, like he it's like it's like the simpsons episode when homers fighting Genderic Tatum, who's obviously been to be like like it's a suthing that ridiculous of a fight. It's gonna be so funny it's scary even very whole actually, to its credit, came out and said no, I went up, you goes. Absolutely I would fight it, but he goes, I die. Yeah, because I was a hard not footy player, but Tyson was a professional boxer. Look what he did to professional boxes. It's it's just going to be unbelievable. I would really love him told to come out. I love if the fights at Australia. Actually, that's something that I would a hundred percent trouble for just to see mentioned that at the G, at the it would have to be at the G. Surely He'll pack out of the day. Yeah, you do it like gladiator style. So you had, you don't have a boxing ring. You just have Tyson in there. It's got full it's got the full length of the FMCJ to try kill this guy. Yeah, pretty much just we throw a couple of lions in there, you know. Get, yeah, that, get JOE EXOTIC TO HOOK US up with a couple of tigers or something. That every hand. Yeah, just ties and batter or dude, every lady had a style that fat has has into a big, murdered way. First, to MoD Shan be a stupendous thing. It's just if Mike ties to this listening to this by submers. I'm very, very sorry. Alex's address is no, no, I'm sure. Let's just we can only assume that he's not listening. Yes, I'm sure he'll get on to it and if he ever happens, to go back into previous episodes. Obviously we're having a little bit of a laugh. You are king having a bit of fun, having a bit of fun. So let's on that note, let's swiftly move along to something we've actually talked about last week, which was the we we rated. I think we rated the was at the most important traits that that a guy can have. We sort of did a little too a warrant, yes, a woman, sorry, which a bit of it in parison. And and obviously we should preface this by saying that we don't know anything about women at all, like absolutely nothing, less than zero. So I was I still don't know what all the parts are called. Yeah, that exactly. So I passed I passed on the list that we both provided to to my girlfriend, and her response was we're both idiot. Uh Huh. So we read I'll read it verbatim. She says, who the fuck is who? Get a life, you two, don't you have better things to discuss? So so she was. She was really, really unhappy with the list that with the like list that we chose. Like, I don't think any of them appealed to her at all. Obviously they are also not. None of the attributes matter. Yeah, so, obviously, like some would... Obviously bit like are Nice, you are, and like you know if her friends is like you. She's like you clearly don't understand anything about girls. And then she won't be done. And then she walked out of the room. We didn't talk to me for the next half an hour. So so we both lose, I think. I think it's a pretty yeah, I think it's and no result. Well, that's just call it a drawer. Let's call that let's call that a very sporting draw, the supporting draw. So, yeah, I think the next time that we tried discuss things about women, we might just keep those opinions to ourselves and not involved by girlfriend, because probably we're just more Nassy. Probably we're just more, yeah, really understand what that's absolutely fair enough. I believe we did preface it at the start of that episode, though, that we are both morens when it comes to discussing matters concerning women exactly. We've just highlighted it. Exhibit A. Actually, could you do a favorite? Could you try find out from her at least one or two that actually are? So, yeah, what what her friends think of you and how Nice a person you are? So they were the only two that she really considered as being and I those two of my top three. That's got to give me the dubby. She said early she had a pretty good crack at me for the how well groomed and dress, and she said that I am neither of those, so fuck off. So that was good out. You've got it. Got A gorgeous LID. She said. Taste in music was ridiculous. Okay, if you have a car was ridiculous. How Big Yours? She's how big your penis was? That was she just felt like having a big cracket be so I work, it's respond to watch. Yeah, I think I don't supporting prowess muscles. He was like it's really kind of irrelevant. So what? Yeah, so I feel like we do really need to. We really need to go back, take a bit of time and and reevaluate our traits and then perhaps we can baby revisit it later in the year. She think my idea of the sort of post break up survey was a good idea? No, she wasn't really happy with that at all. That was a that was a plant. That was a pretty clear like you're an idiot. Yeah, which I can. I want my supposed to get qualitative feedback. Yeah, and she preciul I just said you probably should just, you know, take it for what the girls have said to you rather than go back at us for a survey. Yeah, look, it's all good, you know. Well, we'll we'll take this on board and, you know, we'll take it into the next edition. Yeah, I'm not a crack at this. Yeah, I re can have another crack at this, stegment, but to do more research, clearly. Yeah, I mean obviously like to conclude, though, I think we'll just take it as a draw, the sporting draw. You can perhaps have at the slide advantage, because you had those two in your top three. I had him in my top four, I think. So, yeah, we'll go back reevaluate, you know. Yeah, go back to this the white board, come up with a few more strategies and then and then hit the next get onto it. Arry. Yeah, absolutely. Well, we'll consider it like the premier league this year. You know, it's a draw. But really I want actually one more thing before we move on to some of the content that we've prepared. Speaking of the speaking of the UFC, during the week, or souther week, I was I was doing some more research for our podcast and trying to see what some of the competitors were. And obviously Joe Rogans is not really competitive because he's so far out of our league. It's not funny. But there's a podcast. Obviously Joe Rogans UFC commentator, and obviously is his own podcast as well, but there's a podcast that purely looks at reviewing the past episode of Joe Rogan and they've got like what. Yeah, so this is a podcast these guys came up with. I think there's like three guys, and it's just reviewing the plot the most recent episode of Joe Rogan and they've got like they've got like fifty zero listeners or something like that. All right, it's ridiculous, like we're busting out hume trying to come up with content, and there is guys that literally just take content from somebody else. SMART fuckers. Won We do that. It's just it's you know why? It's because we wanted to create one of the kind podcast. That's why. You know what, because we're not fucking little copy cats. Yeah, it's I don't know what we are. We creatives, were innovators. Where we exactly we are? We are content creators, which is which is something that we have put on my linkedin profile. Yeah, which we're like Steve Jobs, but not a Dick Actually, and it's speaking of Dicks, that's a good seguere that helps us move into our next and next bit of a TV and movie chats.

This week the most the two most recent episodes of the last dance documentary of come out on link, on Netflix. So that's the the documentary about the Chicago Bulls nine seven, ninety eight season. Whether they're trying to get is it they're going for their six championship? Yeah, I think they're going for the suit throwing in this one. Yeah, so you like in those last those last few episodes particularly, it's kind of really highlights that, like how kind of disliked Michael Jordan was in his own particularly in his own team, like, let alone the outside NBA kind of community, but within his own team he was so sort of driven and, I guess, a bit of a Dick really toward his teammates. That it. It's really kind of it's really highlighted in the most recent episodes and he actually broke down as well, which was really interesting, when he's kind of talking about the underw way that he could get his team to kind of win and to get the same mentality as him was to be a Dick. What do you do? Do you reckon that that's a legitimate kind of approach to take if you're a if you like an athlete and you're trying to like, you know, win Games and whatever? Do you think you can do that at the expensive being? Like, I don't know, I don't. Well, Jordan clearly did it, but yeah, yeah, he's he's a fascinating character because neither of us have sort of follow basketball particularly closely, but it's been an interesting insight into his psyche. I think you cut not to get to psychologist on it, but it seems to be really craved. It his dad's approval as a child and his brother was always better than it. Yeah, so that's clearly spartway, such, so competitive and it'll do whatever to get one over on you. But he's yeah, he's a scary character and he highlights it. You Guys, look, I wish I wasn't such a Dick to people, but I had to do that to get to a place, to make you better so I could win. Yeah, exactly, I think. And Yeah, I didn't know he punched Steve Care in the face. I know that was pretty Nice, pretty like pretty sad. I think a lot of cavaliers fans had like punch Steve Care in the face of kind yeah, can you imagine? It's quite interesting. Like you obviously, even in like training and everything, you just had such a like, I like, winning was kind of the only option mentality that it really just really ruined his relationship with so many teammates and and obviously opponents as well. I have loved some of them, the Jordan memes that have come out, you know, since the last dance is kind of come out episode by episode and there's just just like the lakes he'd go to to spark a personal few to drive him and I think in the most recent one. He made up that someone trash talked him. Just a fuel over people like what you played this game in your own head. But I did see hilarious me where someone was like Jack, Jerry Krause, I love water, Michael Jordan, I'll be right back, Scottie, I've just got to eliminate every fresh water source in North America. It's just that level of a Dick and it's so funny, like with Jerry Krause. And who was the the Croatian Basketball Tony? Tony Cou Cou could cure yeah, yeah, it's cool, and cook. You Cook the cooker cock o the clock. There's big clock in the Olympics in ninety two, I think it was. He the Q, Jerry Cross had been like this is the guy who's going to kind of elevate the Chicago Bulls kind of franchise moving forward, because he was like an eighteen year old, like he was the best player in Europe. And so Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippin were playing against Croatia in like a first like a first round game, like a group day or something like that, and the whole just reached him. Yeah, they their whole kind of approach to the game was to make this Tony Cooko clock look like an absolutely like loser. And they did it like they just any time he got the ball, he was like double teamed, but probably two of the best defensive players in the NBA. And like they just did it at the extensive scoring and like obviously they had a team that was so good it didn't really matter anyway. Like their whole approach was to just make this guy look like he was inadequate for the NBA. And it was so like they were just so just how just how much they hated Jerry krouse. Yeah, nothing to do, like they've never met this guy before and eventually he became a teammate...

...anyway. And like they always walks me and everything. Would been fined eventually, but like it's just so funny, like they just create how much you can just create this kind of hatred in his head for no real reason and just try and humiliate other people just for the fun of it. Like it must be like just to me so good at a sport and be able to do that must be like just next level. Yeah, he, yeah, really holds grudges. John. I think he's the epitome of someone hold a grudges, like clearly his few with Isaiah Thomas. Like it seems like Isaiah Thomas is pretty cool with it all now. Yeah, we're rest Jaud is, just like there's nothing you could do to convince me that that guy's not a massive Dick. You know, all these years later, it's just yeah, it's very funny. There's been a couple a couple of other things about that, about the show, the last dance that's really kind of stood out to me, and these are particular necessarily fast correlated. One. Scottie Pippen has literally the best voice ever, a hundred percent. I wish I could speak like him, but the thing is you can't do an impression of Scottie pippin because you end up sounding like Morgan Freeman's. So it's so deep and gravelly. I just I just want Scottie Pippitt to narrate my day, and I being hard to be wonderful, just I just hearing like every day before you go to sleep, just like good night in Scotty Pippin's voice. It just be unbelievable. You know, the the Google home or Alexa, get one of them. And Program it was Scotty's boy was a big brilliant to get him to call the J yes, make Scotty yes and jay the brilliant. I'm going to do that. So I guess, speaking of the the last stars, it's like him. I suspect it's something that's kind of there's been a lot more examples of a bit these kind of documentaries that are really sort of showcasing and walking through kind of a period of a sporting team's life. I guess, like you know, this one obviously being the nine ninety eight season, with a lot of, you know, examples from different years as well. So I thought we could sort of come up with, or what's your idea of another sporting another sporting team that could do a similar sort of documentary. I liked one. I mean obviously you and I big fans of the test still available on Amazon Prime, following the Australian men's cricket team. There's there's a few that I probably se like, but one would be probably the twenty, was it? Two Thousand and fifteen, the what the series where we want wash the ponds? She's Yes, yeah, probably dad, and the two thousand and seven World Cup with Gilly had a squash ball in his glove and the phone that it B it. Actually, yeah, they're probably be two of the ones top of mine. I don't know. You've probably got one or two that a footy related. I do. So I was thinking, I think the front one of the funniest examples that you could do if this would be following around a like a country footy team, so like moving moving away from from like, you know, obviously a can AFL team or or anything higher than that. If you go like a local footy team, would be have some of the best content, like the egos on the players. They're like as big as Michael Jordan's, like they think they've got bigger egos, and the actual professional athletes and like, I think just the idea of a netflix camera crew following around like this team that you have people like and they like Dave or something that WHO's dad is also the president. Eddy only plays the one because if he gets drop, the coach left to buy his beers for the rest of things for the next four weeks. The president went to buy is like it is a Damo who talks himself up to girls in nightclubs and that kind of thing about being a staff for it. Yet it's you know, it kicks one for six the entire weekend exactly that. You just have to find a pass to save his life. It'll be, yeah, like after game, would have said days be following the guys two rems or something. You can just what. Just get absolutely mounted on the dance floor and thing go back like watching the like the CD is beach beat recovery the next morning. I think that was that. They have some of the best content you can ever finder. You'd be kind of like letting Dennis Robin Los in Vegas for forty hours, a bit like that episode. Yeah, exactly, a hundred percent. He always around. That brilliant is that be hilarious. It's an awesome shade the last dance and I obviously we're all kind of waiting for the last two episodes. It's been a quite an interesting story how they've told it, because they've actually concentrated on the... season, ninety seven, ninety eight, very, very little. It's literally just being all around Michael Jordan and then kind of a Scottie pipp episode and a Dennis Robin episode and that's kind of it. Yeah, it's big yeah, it's been a little bit. Strangely, it's like a Christopher Nolan movie where you jumping between tie lines and you're trying to keep up. It's yeah, it's like I think the best way to tell the story is to start at the end and then they got back to the beginning and give different characters perspectives throughout, whilst also periodically jumping back to the air. Just a really confused people. It's it's really not the easiest thing to watch, but it's I did. Yeah, it's a brilliant documentary. I really enjoy it. Also, can't believe how Michael Jordan. I didn't realize he took an entire year off for baseball during his prime. I asue. I thought that was after he finished up with the wizards in sort of those three, I four, but no, I didn't realize that was literally ninety three, hangs it up after the third ring and then goes and was actually a half decent baseball play. Yeah, it was interesting having a look at yeah, that that's sort of like it might have only been like twenty minutes of the episode or something like that, but seeing how like he was actually, yeah, he's pretty good. Like I think he. They said he battered it like two hundred and two, which is essentially hitting the ball twenty percent at the time, which is pretty good for a rookie apparently. And they the only reason that they played him in the vision that they played him was that the media, it was the only kind of division that had the, I guess, capacity for the media that would follow them around. So it was really here. It's really interesting like see how, like obviously he was, he was good, but he wasn't anywhere near. He's like, you know, basketball schels. So it was yeah, it must have been. Also, must have been pretty frustrating if you were the you know, the owner like that, Jerry, yeah, right, Ryand for his night, yeah, stoof. Yeah, so, yeah, and he was like, Oh, we just kept playing, paying his basketball contracts while he was playing, while it was played baseball and playing it like essentially like the was like third division or something like that. It's hate. You'd hate to be like it is cubs teammates are on like Fi Si k. yeah, but he's still getting like four million dollars a year since a. But but then again, like I think the guy that says he's like, well, he was underpaid his whole career anyway in terms of like the salary that he made with NBA. So like, yeah, it's probably not a huge kind of like an issue for him and it actually also kind of leads people to kind of, I guess, to the conspiracy that he was in fact banned for that those eighteen months that he was out of NBA and not simply taking it like switching to a baseball yeah, because it because of the gambling issues. You mean? Yeah, do you sort of think there's any sort of, I guess, validity behind that? Well, look, I don't know huge amount of but it does kind of makes sense. Like, given his competitive nature, he doesn't seem like the kind of guy that could walk away from a car game or, you know, relette table until he was on top. True, obviously that doesn't bothe well for gambling. So yeah, you know, and he had some pretty big losses in I think in one episode there's a guy that's talking about playing golf with him and he lost millions of dollars on the golf course. To this guy saying, yea, and I know he was on a good wicket, but it was still the nineties. Like millions of dollars is like tens of millions dollars now to whether his losses were worse than they thought or, you know, it might have affected, I made the star players image. As I know, it doesn't make it. There's some sort of sense behind that, but then obviously it's, you know, it's twenty years later, or probably the flogger that that that like there's no sort of evidence behind any of it. So like it's hard to argue, but at the same time it's pretty like it if he really interesting, if like, you know, another twenty years down of the track, that it does come out that he was suspended. Yeah, it's interesting. And the yeah, when he came back from baseball as well, what he did body wise to build his body back for basketball, like while he was filled filming. Everybody get up. This sound the slam. Now we're a real jamn going down. Welcome to the Space Yem at the space jam far out. That was impressive. Like you shoot all day and it's not like he was doing regular acting, like, although it's lady cheese, he was playing basketball a...

...lot of day. Then he go do weights and then it'd have pick up sessions with you know, the likes of Patrick Ewing, Scottie Pipper, you know, greats at the time. Child Berkeley like yeah, it's not. It's not like you're playing, you know, Dick Heads off the street. They're pretty high quality games. He's plague like the amount of physical punishment he put his body through. Yeah, into basketball shape. Is Inside. It's pretty it's very fun. The way in the document, in the lasts, the way that they kind of talked about all that. They're like, oh, it's like yeah, and at eight o'clock he would just that. They just do pick up games. And then like the next scene is yet like Charles Berkeley, Patrick you wig, like some of the best players in the history of basketball, and that's just their pickup game. Like it so it was. It was just so understated. And it's like the way that they they referred to Barack Obama as just a Chicago resident. Apparently they got in a bit of trouble about it. Did they did? They did the same thing to Bill Clinton. They did, what was it? Governor of Arkansas? Yeah, it's it makes sense, though, because they're trying to kind of understate it because at the time he literally was just a Chicago as it it like he was a yeah, yeah, they could say like, you know, a lecture of law or something, but it's just, yeah, it's trying to, I think, like talk about how they kind of felt at that time. So it's pretty yeah, it's pretty interesting the way that they be also love to pat the power of Jordan as well and the respect that he earned in the league that those kind of players like you win played for the next didn't he? Yeah, the next yeah, so to fly out to la where he was shooting, like these great players are flying from all around the country just for a pickup game. Yeah, exact. Michael Jordan when he wants why? Yeah, exactly. Not, not, no offense to Lebron, but can you imagine steph curry and Durant career? They just flying out to la to pile Lebron shooting space jam to for a pickup game? Yeah, exactly. It's just it just wouldn't happen, I think. And it's just, yeah, the reverence that was kind of around him. And Yeah, that's really, really interesting. They got there's the goat debate settled? Yeah, I was going to say like when we really should, we really should wrap up. This is a bit of content because it means talking about this for a fair seven time, a little bit of time. Yeah, let's move on to the next, I guess, the next bit of content that you've prepared for this week. Yes, so the next thing we're going to talk about today. Obviously we mentioned earlier how neither no much about women, and I guess we wanted Anne an opportunity to highlight that fact. He because, you know, restrictions to being east people are going to get be going back to dating potentially in the near future, obviously one and a half meters apart. So in this segment we're going to be talking about wing manning or we woman name. We're going to talk through some of the best and worst examples we've ever seen or personally encountered, and we're going to give you some advice how to become the best wing man ever. Aka Ice Man. Maverick wasn't all that. And if you've ever had a family member or a relative try to be a wing man or woman for you a welcome to the love corner. So probably should preface this by saying I've probably you never actually seen a really good example of wing many I think you get, you get a lot of a lot of air balls exactly. I think you see, I've seen a lot of examples of the really, really bad wing matting, but I think of definitely welcome in terms of yeah, in terms of good wing matting, I don't think there's I've never seen any good example. I think the best, the best sort of examples are probably more where it's just if you're out with the mate and you know a girl comes to talk to you, then the mate just kind of leaves. I think I feel like that's that's or gets you guys both a drink and then goes and find somebody else to talk to you. Like, I feel like that's the best example that I've ever seen. I don't, I can't. Do you have a better example of something like brilliant that you've seen in person? I've seen some pretty impressive wing womaning eth yes, exactly. This is where a female friend of yours gets you in. Now I feel like it's natural because girls relax, relax more around girls. I assume. Obviously we know nothing about women, of course, but yeah, I've seen a few instances where they've kind of set you up with mates and all that kind of thing. Quite often it backfires down the track because they oversell you. Yeah, whereas I feel like you and I I probably a bit too honest when we...

...were we do the wing manning thing. Yeah, just like, Oh, look, you know, he's it all right, bloke, he's a right. It's a bit of a Dick Sometimes, but you know, he's are right. It's a bit of a Jake. You know, I guess he's tall, but onto some terrible exit examples. You and I back in the day. This is obviously in the days before you're very serious long term girlfriend. We had some shocking efforts. Didn't wait. Are we did for each other. We do. Yeah, do you do? You remember the time when we were talking to I think they were either American or Canadian girls, and we pretend you, we pretended that we did the Jerry McGuire yeah, remember that. So you you sports aged and I was patty crips, essentially. Yeah, so you were a you're a professional. You were. Where were you from? You from England. Where you were from England? said that I was a whole plan. Yeah, and I was a yeah, I was a sports agent or something like that. Who would who'd found you and was trying to get you drafted or had just got your drafted to a footy and AFL team here and the whole thing was to really push this thing and it got like the girls kind of I don't know. I feel like they understand. They were okay with it for a little bit and then it just progressively got worse than that. We've read anything to say. Yeah, it kind of got to the point where which is like, you know what, we're not selling it. I don't think they're buying it. So we kind of moved on. It was just it was just embarrassing all around. I don't think we'd properly gone through the back story, because I'm pretty sure you said I was English and that I came out with an Irish accent or something something like that. That's right. We pretended I was a gaelic football it was coming out to play IFL. Yeah, I then it turned out and it turned out these girls were Americans. It meant nothing to them. Other way exactly. And then on, and there's a better example of I think I was almost the same night when we we tried it the first time and you we went up to this girl. I was your agent again and you were the athlete and obviously it's the tea. Yeah, and the team. He said that you played for. I think brother playful or something like a brother was a proper athlete. So Shit, yeah, that's right. Yeah, play for the bulldogs. Yeah, it's right to back it all up and and like at first of like I'd actually must just be shitty. Just try and call the bluff. And then, like you asked her a name with like yeah, said it was legitimately, like said, ever, player for that team, like a fuck, we can't keep doing this act. I think we looked at each other. We just read this. This is just dug it all where we get after call it the Jerry McGuire does not work. That's the work. I think. I've also seen so that that's some pretty poor examples of wing matting. I think. What have I think again, you're at this night, but it wasn't involving either of us. We were out at it might have been like it a playing pool or like a pull bar or something like that, and this guy, what of our friends, was wing many, another one of our friends, and the friend who's wing many found a girl like he spotted her out at the at the bar or whatever, and and the friend was like cool, I'll go up to her and I'll wing man in for you. So we met it for you, sore. So he went up to her and then progressively started to hit on her so much, the this friend who was supposed to be wing Manning, that he just he just came across as such a Dick and then, therefore, he's a group of friends with dicks. So and then she just got so kind of repulsed by everybody that she just walked out. That was it was just this the stupidest bit of wing Manning I've ever seen. I don't know what he's game was or if he was just a more on, but of course this is this, is this the person I'm thinking of. Yeah, you say something vulgar to her. Yep, yeah, I know the gut. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, that was yeah, Paul Bar Yeah, got you out. Yeah, yeah, that was that was particularly shocking. So, like, in general, I you know, it's probably best to just be yourself, but then again, don't take our advice. What do we know exactly? But going on to kind of family members, we Maddigi, if you ever had a family member like an Auntie or an uncle or, you know, grandparent, tried a week manny, I definitely haven't. I can't think here. I can't think of any example. What about them? What about you? So my Auntie has actually had it go it. There's somewhat recently actually, and it's Mountie. I love it to bits, but she does. You know, there's no filter between the brain and the mouth. It's a kind of what's going on up top comes out the mouth at a at a seriously rapid pace. You've met it? Yeah, can't. Can't confess, can't confirm. So it...

...would be stuff like you know, you be. You'll run into someone she knows and goes, Oh, you'll do to single, this is my nephew. What do you think? You know it's a good guy, goodlooking resette. What do you reckond? But recently she is pulled an absolute blinder and absolutely blind, because she sent me, she said the message going are you still single, and I then had to go easy. I'm your nephew, ts Madia, and I got yeah, why? And then she sends me a fighter and a holely, shit, seriously, it was like, or are we still explicit on this podcast? Yeah, yeah, yeah, she's a fucking stuff. Perhaps like goat, you guys. Would you be interested? I went does the Catholic Church? Hell, pedophiles get away with their crime? Hell, yes, I'd be interested. So she's currently trying to work through that one. I think I haven't heard much in the last kind of week or so, but yeah, she's working that one through for me. So wing manning in the process through it. That's going to be unbelievable. I'm really that's there's something that we can we should really keep like a blog on the website and you can just give us daily updates of what's happening. Oh No, no, I think I think I'll save it for the podcast. Juicy tip bits just happening. We can I think. I think this girl is like the daughter of one of her close friends or something with it is this. Is it being reciprocated all from either end? Like is the is if you message her or she message you? No, no, I only ever seen a photo of this girl and just said, Marmy, I'm interested, and then she said I'll handle it from here, which terrified me. That is that is a scariest there's the scariest phrase that you could hear a lot. Oh, look, you know, I'd like to have it a light of a gut, cocking it up myself. that. Yeah, that got blessed soul. It's Nice beat to think. If you and well, I'll keep you post on how it goes. That's very brilliant. She's ad be interesting to see how I measure up, because apparently she s dated a few footballers in the past. This girl. It's all actors, your agent again. There we go. Will get the jury. With guant working, it'll finally work. Yeah. So, yeah, I'll keep pace on how that goes, but that'll probably have to do this for this week. Will will be back with new and improve Gar next week I'll have a bit of an update on how the wing Manning's going. Will start undertaking our qual and quantitative research into trying to understand how women work. It's yeah, it's going to take seventeen years, but yeah, gives, because clearly we haven't made much progress thus far. Okay, in the meantime, guys keep following us on social media, facebook and instagram. The Salmon Alex Podcast, you can listen to us. We're mate on spotify, on apple podcast, on Google podcast. We are now on IHEART radio as well. I've got a proved it around it. That's very exciting. Fan. Big Shout out to why heart radio, big fans of the show, and I think it's that's pretty much it. Obviously there's other sort of podcast platforms and everything like that. You can sort of ye find us. You can also go onto the website Sam Alex Dot on a you and, although we've not really touched the website in a while, so we probably should try and, you know, put up some things there, just some updates. You know, obviously watch all the or listen to all the episodes on there as well, but we'll try and create some better content that we can we can start to pass on to everybody. We're also, I should probably call this out, we're also launching a youtube channel. So we'll have little clips, little snippets from the show that you can have a bit of a bit of a chew on. So stay tuned for that as well. It's okay, we're across all of the social pipes. We were absolutely fly. Thank God we work in marketing. Thank Oh, yes, I got work in marketing. It is actually a brilliant it's a really fun exercise in marketing. I think this whole thing absolutely so yeah, have a good week stay. So obviously nobody go crazy, no, no clubbing or anything like that. I think the Strip clubs are still going to be shut for a little while. So, unfortunately, yeah, sorry, May, you're going to have to stay with the live cabs for now. Thanks, guys, cheers, guys. So, yeah, that's all for today's episode. Thanks for listening to the SAM and Alex podcast.

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