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Episode 7 · 2 years ago

Episode 7 - We're Really Missing Live Sport!


[Recorded via Zoom] - In Episode 7, Sam and Alex pretty much talk about sport for the whole episode...actually I think someone mentions something about movies at some point too!

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Maybe what to my listening to? You're listening to the sum and Alex podcast. A monkey peters really want it. For anyone who doesn't know what that means, go back to. What was the episode for? If so, through we spend one before. Was it five mets five, who knows? Every yeah, that's our cod world starting the episode. Yeah, until we change it up. Yeah, it could come. You never know. We're not sure what the next code words going to be. That's what's exciting. Actually, the code work could be anything. It's what changes all the time. It's what keeps the listeners hooked. It's sure as he'll do on our gear. Yeah, him. Welcome to episode seven. I think we're up to the SAMUALITY WE'VE Yeah, we're getting we're getting through these pretty quickly with I think it's been exactly one month since we recorded the first one. I'm pretty sure, hundred percent, and may do you want to hear an awesome stat go on. We have officially hit one hundred lessons on spotify. Damn awesome. Is that that? Big Shout out to, you know, everyone for having a bit of a lesson and a bit of a shared out to the entirety of Little River Cricket Club, who I think make up about ninety percent of those lists. Thanks, guys. That yeah, on once an uplets. How awesome is that? It's good. We're going. We're going good. I'm happy with that. You know, it's a is very exciting to sort of see something's happening from it all. It's not just slave. You slide away in time. You know, people laughed at this last episode. We were talking about match shopping and now look you are the East Trek. I own west. Yeah, it was sometimes you let stuff grow over the fits. I say, make you mind. You're ruining my view. You fucking water from you. It's so good I can't see the scum. It was. It was. Yeah, it was fun getting absolutely rinsed by ware mates during the week when they found out that I was recording a podcast, because I decided to keep it. I decided to give it quiet from a few people just because I knew the sins. We're going to be pretty brutal. And and yeah, it was pretty brutals. Yeah, I decide to fuck that one up for you. Didn't. Yeah, thanks, yeah, but you know, most yeah, you're pretty look in the world. In the words of the swift big shout out to tea swift, big fan of the show. Hey, is gonna hate. Yeah, true, it's the way it goes sometimes. You ever known a hated? It was doing better than you? Exactly. Yeah, wow, that's profound. Yeah, you could. You could do like Linkedin'. That's not mine. I start. I stole that from somewhere, but I just can't remember where. It's like Tony, Tony Robins or somethink. Also we gonna say Tony Abbot now. Never heard that much wish wisdom from Uncle Toddy, Captain Captain Budgie smuggers. Drops of fair could ill kept it by pe. So before we just keep talking about toddy, have it every week, as you week. But it's been good. It's not a week in I say this. It's not a huge about happening in the world, as though it's looking increasingly likely that we might get a little little taste of free come coming back this week. Touch work on Friday. Yeah, yeah, we go. I'm yeah, I'm pretty much. I'm really looking forward to getting goat to the pub, I think, although that might be that might be further away than anything else, but I do seem like Kim yeah, it's it's getting pretty it's getting pretty shit big at home. But you know, what can you do? If you're getting on okay, we you very serious long term girlfriend? Yes, she's not murdered me yet, so I think that's good. We've always a good start. That's going. It's going really well. It is actually, it is quite nice if you being at home. It's just, I think, that you lose a little bit of purpose, I think, particularly with work, actually having a shower. It decided to go somewhere and not just like waking up at like nine o'clock, jumping on your phone to just answer the emails. They go back to bed. It's so hard to stay mot about it. What I've found hilarious is when you have lost the morning zoom calls, and I think they do them at nine am just to make sure people actually get up. then. Yeah, is just just seeing week by week how everyone kind of dressed semi smartly the first two three weeks and now, as the weeks of progressed, you've kind of seen you kind of...

...see makeups dropped off, people kind of into track. He's Paja. There's like that. Every every guy's growing a bit terrible beird like me. No, it gives a shit atywhere and what. I find hilarious if you find out who the natural blonds, because the head dress is a close. No one. No one said a cracket dying the hair for a while. Yeah, so it's saying that. What do we two months in now, is is quite as signed to behold. Yeah, I'm pretty sure. I think I've won the same pair of footy shorts for three weeks. Strange, it's. Yeah, it's the best look. It's a yeah, I tend to just go business on top and then, yeah, a either nothing or footy shorts below nothing. Bommy. Yeah, that's why I'M gonna I'm gonna be I'm gonna be very careful. I'M gonna be very careful when I stand up, just just hanging, just hanging out there in the brief all right. Yeah, I mean you can't. I got yelled at when I did that at work, so it's only do it. I can you flut you please stop free ball like at the office. Like what is this covered a sweet and damn it, I'll do what the fuck I want, man. Yeah, it's, it's, it is. There are some upsides to isolation. So that's that is one of them, a hundred percent. The amount you get done around the house is unbelievable. I've never cleaned US getting board prior to this. I have now. Yeah, that I've never tried to like Feng Shuairou, but yeah, had to crack. I even I even Google what Feng Shuai thank yeah, if you are actually, if you wished. Marie Kondo and Netflix. Nah, Nah, some chick that like it's had a like Dclatdi your life and looking at my garage now, I've really not taking her advice like too heart. But it's pretty fun try to do that sort of shit, like just watching the most the weirdest lifestyle shows on Netflix and trying to learn from them. But at the moment I'm trying to I'm trying to diy backyard and try to put like I'm trying to make a deck purely from Youtube video. Yes, that's I don't know. I don't know if actually need planning permit, so they could be. This is a pretty good chance that I might have to be taken down eventually anyway. But also you're very you're very serious. Look to have girlfriend is the landlord, so you probably should check with hers. I did, I did ask her. Yes, she's she's actually comes out. She comes out in your half. Finish with the days. Were you doing? You tell me, tell me you're going to a pool. She put your bloody weights out here and now this shit, and I got yelled at. I got yelled at for doing that, having the way, having the weights outside, because I they were. They were marking the deck. But how else you supposed to work out shirtless outside like a rocky month? And either I'M gonna go down on the street, which I do now anyway. Is everyone watching? Okay, now time for some turls this. Something happened towards the end of last week. The really, really cheese me off warning, warning, aren't rage ahead the creek at Australia central contracts for the upcoming season came he go on, yeah, yeah, I think you know where this is going. Okay, I'm going to read out the list of who got a con tracked and I want you to tell me what's wrong with it. All right, ast day, go Joe bearns, Alex Carry Patrick Cummins. What a good looking roster. binchy represent Julong, Hazel Wood Heads, Mon Gary Mitchell Marsh, Fuck Glenn Maxwell, Tim Pain, had a Gy Richardson can Richardson Smash, smatch, Starky, Wade, waner and Adams EMPA. You tell me, what are the glary issues with that list? One ash day go and Mitchell Marsh there, you first, there your first issues. Oh yeah, took it. took us through. Why Mitchell Marsh? Because you know, we might have some non cricket Englishness who don't know what an absolute spun Mitchell Marsh is. You know, you know what they he's one of those people that he can have like. So, say it's a five test series. He'll play awfully...

...for four test. You won't make any runs, you won't take any wickets. In the fifth test he'll take a firefer, you'll make us eighty or a century and therefore he will always get selected in the next series. He's one of those like he's like a lingering Fart, like one of it just hangs around for too long, like you're at it, you're in you you know what he's like. He's like if you ever had someone ranty house and they leave skids in the bowl. Yeah, it's just like the epitome of Ruthus it's like you didn't even check the Hijif they did. It just lingers and it's on your mind all that. You can't get it out. The smells still in. Got Golf in your nostrils like. But that is what Mitchell marsh is like. He's a skid mark. Obviously, though, if Mitchell marsh lessons, we would like any sort of endorsement you can possibly give to the show. Big Animal, to Mars. Always rated him as a cricket, as a well, yeah, big overture much, but don't get me wrong, he's he seems like a really, really good guy. He's just a bit of a pet out of a crickets, just as terrible cricketing is. Chosen different, different profession. If he played footy, if he played forty, you could have played for like, you know, west coast or Frio. He would have, he would have. I would have liked him. Yeah, would have been like that guy's. That guy's got good chat and the change, or be like us. Good chat in the change, like us, but pretty average in the sport that we play. Steady, a steady on. Maybe both performed this year te centuries in a fifty at sixty two point something or other. I consider our performed, unlike Mitchell Marsh. Moving on from Mitchell March day, there are some notable admissions from this list. That's did do we dare to mention probably the biggest emission from the list? Well, here's the thing, might it's we could actually get in quite a bit of trouble by mentioning that's because we could have been and, as we know, we both love a could conspiracy theory, but this one could get a cent a bit of hot water. Let's go. I'm I'm scared. You know what do you want to go? You know? All right, I'll go. I'll say the first now, you know what yet? I've got it. I've got it. You got it. Okay, you if you feel like distancing yourself from this, feel free. I'll completely take osually. I will go one and a half meters away from this. Thank you. Okay. The biggest emission from this, from this list, is the one and only marcus stoyness, otherwise than as the Stoin or the Greek Adonis or the regular Adonis, just genuinely unbelievable cricketer. He said the DOTESS. He's the archetype of the perfect cricketer. He can bat he, can bowl. Can you feel? Actually did IVER? Can feel that? Well, I've show I could field hm, but to check that up. You see it feel yeah, ever really say anyway to me to we could batter, he could bother about. What the fuck does he need to do? So the conspiracy theory is as follows. One of the selectors, I can't remember all the selectors name, so we'll just leave this one anonymous, because there is going to you keep going. I'll google a SELECTI will insert one later. You know what that I think is going to want to rename remain anonymous this whole time. I feel like it's a definitely all my all, my machine. Okay, good. So this anonymous selector got home to dinner one night. His wife was cooking, probably a roast from a bit of Sunday rose. One might have been a Sunday roast, but the probably work on the weekend because they work out. What can I do? He got home talking about the selections, or took about possible selections, and his wife Mentions Marcustidus, the Greek a daughters unbelievable hair, probably the best look at rooster in the team all by far, excluding smartge for obvious reasons. I think we both we both argue that during this dinner, this particular selector's wife rambled on and on about how good marcus stare us was, how good it would be to have him around and how wonderful a person he was. Just so choose a little. I. We both argue that this has annoyed that particular selectors so much, this constant chat about how good store is is, how how wonderful looking he is, that they have purposefully admitted him from the team purely because of this issue. Despite the despite being probably one of our best limited overs cricket is in in the in the list and a...

...record seven hundred and something old runs in the BBL, including a hundred forty against the very average six is attack. But that's besides point. There's some of the worst Kepta see I've ever seen in my life, like he's literally the bowling full tosses on like stuff getting across the stuff just getting a bit of bad. It's like one of the six is dated. I reckon, I don't really can play it again. Oh my God, he study yet, but he's don't need to do it a third it's like the Jeez. But Yeah, sorry, it's Berket a little bit. It's becoming a bit of a habit on the show. I got to this is so drinking as we as we do these. Are you drink? It's not. So I've partially a Glenn Marangui. I'm got a wonderful little school. Yeah, yeah, can I? What about you? What are you drink? What are you drinking right now? Right, I didn't have time to get to the ball like today, so I'm on the waters, the waters, the waters. Yeah, all right, saying hard right. So that means I'm gonna have to carry this episode. Good. Let's keep getting real spoor shoulders here boys this episode. Jevin. The other comments on Marcus donus mate. I've just looked up the national selection panel. I didn't realize it's only three of them, trevor, Hans, Yep, Great Chapel and Jl. Big Shoutout to jl because of the show. It's obviously it's a yeah, it's obviously not jl, because he's a good guy. Well, here's what I'm thinking about. It might have to be jl because the other two are old enough where there was if they were admiring the store and it'd be like our he's my grandson kind of thing. It's that kind of age range, whereas Jl's wife is a younger roosters who could admire and even better, you know, a young, goodlooking rooster, like the story. That makes sense actually. Yeah, and having watched the test, we know you do not get on the wrong side of Jl mate. What a that do is a scary unit. As you were speaking about sporting I suppose sporting outrages really, and the awful decision to admit Marcus stoynus from the cricket a stralier contracts. Okay, all right, pe. It got me thinking about a possible topic. So here it is, in your opinion, in your opinion, what has been the biggest sporting outrage, each decision incident of recent times? So I want you to start, when you do it, to bring in what you think is possibly the biggest, the biggest outrage or by outrages, call whatever it might be that you can remember since, probably since you've been alive, or if it's really if it's really significant, then go back further, as in a scandal, yes, say a scandal, a scandal, or on the field or off the field, let's say. Let's say on the field. I think on the fields probably the best sort of example, or I remember one in the Premier League. It was back when Louis Suarez was at Liverpool and yeah, he made some racial comments towards tree sever, the Manchester United Fallback. Yeah, and yeah, that was well, Papa sized the COP to ban or whatever, and then came back and united played a little pool. Wouldn't shake his hand. Every watch shake his hand, except the apology whatever. Swarez wouldn't shake his hand, and that's kind of when people first started seeing Louis Suarez as a bit of a dog. was that when did the biting thing happened? Was that after that? That was after that, I think. Yeah, that's what you started him. Yeah, because then he bits someone. Then he did a deliberate handball on the line and celebrated it. Yeah, the world up. Oh, remember that? Yeah, J Louise Part he's right. Really is a massive, great striker. There's another. There's a how about this not a segment for next week? WHO's a great sportsman but a bit of a Dick? Oh, that'd be good. Actually got quite a few already, but yeah, this will bring that in for this wonderful forward. Tease again. You are smashing the future content for this May. There's a reason of bold content, a bit of behind the scenes. Alice Pere's the content. I do a lot of the other everything else in the contend to rock up and be funny, mate. Yeah, unfortunately, one part of that, you know. Anyway, it's good, it's good. Okay. So my example of an outrageous intient incident. So there have been some huge incidents in in recent history. So take,...

...for example, you germer Tonya harding, and there see Kerrigan. So the old, the old Crow Bart of the knee in the Oh, yes, the the rugby player who bat down on the blood capsules. So you come off the field. Yeah, yeah, Maridonna's hand of God during the World Cup. That was a reason that. We're not recent, but someone. Yeah, that hundred and eighty six to even further back. But anyway, but I can I contend that my incident is even more shocking and outrageous than that. Okay, let me, let me, let me sit, let me set the same. I present for this. You are alive, you were alive, you're a life. Oh my God. Let I'll set the same. Means a sunny day along Jelong, about an hour and a half from Melbourne. We both live in Melbourne. Yes, fun fact, fun fact. It's a cricket game and I honestly I can't remember who we played because this, this incident happened so many time. It was is more of a recurring incident. I'll think, I know, we go for this, but yeah, so I did have my best year of cricket this year. I think it's pretty safe to say. Yeah, don't, don't look at as my cricket set. Don't look at my my cricket sets. I was given out. I'll bewe. I'M gonna I'm gonna say I think it was the only way I was out for about nine weeks. WAS LBW. Yeah, it l yeah, I reckon. I recognize giving out about eight times, about seven by one per six. Specific person who I hope you're listening, Creek, he probably is listing as well. Big share that skip each times. I'm a lefthander, right so and facy, and I think every time it was facing a right handed bowler. Yeah, in order to give it out, I'll bew it has to hit you completely alive. With the stubs and being lefthanded, naturally you sort of your bat a little bit further across so to hit you in line, it's gonna Jen genuinely need a generally need to pitch outside leg stuff. Absolutely, you could firm. Thank you. Yet this is if I was a lawyer, I would be taking this to court, I swear to God. Yeah, so, yeah, each time as give it that, I'll bew look and in most cases I was hitting the ball as Kevin Peaton. I Guess Kevin Peterson would say drinking. It's really nicely. Say NASLE, say, say, say so nicely, and it really it broke my heart. I couldn't, I couldn't get an inning together because this pretty giving me out. He'll be down almost arc about four or five times year at the other end and I would come on us, I would go off the field and then you would come. When you get either was made a century and had to retire or you usually when I'd made to say treaty. Usually usually would a better centuy and it came back to the clubhouse. You told me all made that pitch so far out leg that was unreal. So that as you were going off, you go is that our Okay Dad's Pun? Absolutely absolutely fu I remember one time. I'm not usually I don't usually get annoyed. verize threw my bat. I was broke when you bat you did, he did, and I remembered tell you not to do that because, like a group of kids, the apply just come from having it. That took about setting it. Example, you just fall on chucks of Moodley trucks. Is that all about? The plays just kiss it away anyway. Yeah, so I reckon you probably. You're probably given out nine times when it's about not yet a nine or eight times, I reckon. yeahably made three were out jerking. That's a fair cor yeah, because I was there for at least. Yeah, I remember twice where you would you would dead set part one. Here you brought on the yeah, even so, Alwa was about my foot and you were still you were still cross about that. Yeah, all bay, come on, I hit that last absolutely. So that was yeah, I think I can. I think I can attest that that was probably the biggest outrageous sporting incident of recent times. Now I'd have to agree with you here because, although the first three would probably quite questionable, what they could have gone either way. It's the lot of graades of cricket really with so your own team are unpartering for you. This gason, this guy was I captain. You guys a yeah, yeah, I'M GETTA get it. But the funny thing was I genuinely reckon it is based around the volume of the appeal. That's about local cricket... that's my favorite thing about playing in the lower great cricket like. We probably could play a high standard, but there's nothing funnier than appealing loudly just to scare the unpowered to give it. That was essentially a move from most of most of last year. In the year before, you can yell at the Umpire Loud Enough and in some way say i's giving him out, that's what a walk and therefore, example, he's giving him what. But but I record what God funnier and funny it was. One I remember, and this is probably about the set I've reckon. This was when you chuck it back because you got so paranoid about this in the net you were impossible. The BALTIAUSE. You betting about a foot outside leg. I remember that. There's no way, there's no way this prick is going to give me at everw you betting outside leg batting like China pool as well, so so side on the there is no way that ball is going to hit the stuffs. If anything, it's probably gonna be four bys. But he still gives you that's yeah, that was what I was gonna give. It sick, best ten dollars a game I've ever spent. If it wasn't for the McDonald's at the end of that each game, I would be so fucking ajoyed. Absolutely gotta get your recovery. Get the recovery. Yeah, I'll give you that. That is officially the most outrageous sporting moment of recent memory. Thank you, thank you, and I really needed affirmation for that. It's just it's something that still hurts me to this day. It's understandable. And Look, although you only got forty runs for the year, or close to. Well, I'm sure you'll come back next here and get maybe fifty, close to sixty, close to sixty. Yeah. Well, my aim is to just get a hundred runs across. Was a twenty games, whatever is. Did you get? Did you get a double for your score? I did. That was my first off. Then it all way down built. Yeah, that they changed the tires. I got fucked over for let's move one stick it, sticking. resport called a sport every episode, this one. This is something we've kind of discussed. I can't remember which episode, but we did discuss sporting injuries. Yes, yeah, and look, this kind of came up when you mentioned about the particular injury you and flip to the palm me. Yes, so kind of in this section going to discuss like a couple of quite funny stories, in our opinion. You know, you might not find the buddy. It's not for you. Don't listen to another podcast. Please don't. Please stay with us. God, we need with this is we can get. We need the listeners or we're going to lose our sponsor that we don't have. But we got to discuss some sporting injuries that we've either had or have had inflicted upon us. Spouting chat. Do you want to start about time you tried to kill me? Yeah, sure, halfway. So again, I'll set the same because I feel like I feel like it's really important to understand the kind of situation that will both facing. That night it was a it was a warm night in Carlton. We both have finished work and we wanted a bit of release. So how would you say it was? I guess say mid twenties. Yeah, yeah, probably six o'clock. So that is very warm. That's nice. So we both finished work and, as we did most Tuesday nights, I think, we we went down for the net and went down to the next to have a bit of a here, as we were in the break between the cricket seasons. So, sorry, then between across Christmas. So you have a bit of a the Christmas break exactly. So that was that was the the atmosphere. We we got to the we got to the nets, were having a bit of a bowl. I usually got usually back first because Alex like it's about longer, so I let him finish off a fact on the back, as you can probably tell for the previous segment. Yeah, and Sam's a bit of a part time Bola, part time La. So we haven't yet having a good net session. It was probably getting light. I'm going to say probably around maybe thirty, something like that, and so the light was sort of it was dropping slowly, but we can usually get in about another twenty minutes. Then we call it because it's hard too, too hard to see the ball. So really yeah, so, as usually do around thirty, you decide that you're going to start. You G start hitting me for six. So it's not not not around six to I usually get sick and...

...hit of you for the six around six thirty or seven thirty, and then I kind of decide to just, you know, plan myself in. Yeah, anyway. So so you started to tea off a little bit and and it didn't go down too well, because I might have had a long day at work, who knows? I was getting a bit frustrated. So as we as we kept going, you were, you were tweatying me around the ground and I decided that start boy, but quicker. So I went I went back a bit further and started running in a bit harder and as we progressively, as it progressively got darker, darker, I decided both quicker and quicker than you. So so the incident occurred. I'm going to say probably dead on from all those pure duck we know likes very much good. Pretty much can see the hand in front of my face. But yeah, yeah, so I thought that he was he was perhaps advancing down the pitch a bit too quickly and decided, and I decided I want to bowl a bouncer at him. I went back to the end of my run, ran in as hard as I could, and it turns out that when you run in really hard, you tend to not really let the ball go in the right spot. So instead of the ball bounce really short, I didn't bounce at all and it kind of made a bee line straight for your nose. So and it's at. It swung pretty late. So it was it was hitting lights any straight for your face and the only thing really does. Tried to hit like, you know, get your hand in front and like get the Bat to the ball. Unfortunately, the bat didn't hit the ball and he is square on the hand. And Yeah, yeah, and probably broke your if you hand Mesh my hand a bit. Yeah, yeah, from my perspective, is just a you know, your averaginet session. I'm just twinning you around the park and then I think, I think I made the fatal error of sledging you after I drove one just back past ankle or something like. Fetch that Dickhead. You know you average left, but I'm probably under selling you a bit. You too genuinely ball quite quickly when he wants to. You probably probably pushing high one hundred and twenty K's cloat close to one hundred and thirty. When you want to and when you want to hurt someone, you probably you're probably getting around that buck. This particular I can see the better your eyes with this right and I still thought, guy's bluffing. It's going to be this. So I'd actually take it a couple of steps out of my grey's never a good idea. It's fun so late at my head. I just about got my hand up and that was incredibly painful. We both kind of like, it doesn't look broken because it wasn't swoll or anything. Yeah, yeah, we just kind of went well, I'm hungry, I'm hungry as well. Parma, Parma, to want to go. So we want to go to Palmer. And then the first probably warning sign was when I couldn't cut up my food and you have to do that for me, and then I remer. They so like, Oh, say, may it sounded really, really hurt. Maybe maybe I should call my mum and you called Your Bom. There's my mom's a nurse, not because I'm a suit. You know exactly. She she promptly informed you that in fact your hand probably was broken and probably we really, we really probably should have headed the straight to the hospital rather than headed to the pub, had a few drinks and it got a farmer got a seed. In hindsight, know, the weight we had at the hospital is ridiculous. It's probably about four or five hours or something. So it's probably just as well we got a feed before we went. Well, I say yeah, if in yeah, in hindsight it was definitely the better, the better call, because the only option we had was seven eleven and we all know that they donuts are ubbish. So it was. It was a hundred percent the best call that we could have made. So yeah, we sat in the we sat in the hotel room, as so sorr the hospital waiting room for God joking, four or five hours. We watched last yeah too. Was it to James Bonds? It was to James Bonds. I can't remember which ones, but by Daniel Craig one. We were surrounded by I don't know if you've ever beat the emergency room everall Melbourne hospital on a Tuesday night around eight PM. Turns out it's crackhead of clock. It's all the guys coming out for crackets. You got you've got like three or four crackheads, all making gurgling noises, just completely coming down up. That least we got. Shit is you can to stab me, or what's to do? Like God, I hope with seeds. But Yeah, look at the end of it, not no harm, no foul. It was fine. The team went on to lose the next few games while about it. He came straight back. Did you be... any gainst you miss? Well, luckily it was during the breaks. I only missed about two or three, I reckon. Yeah, Oh, that's true, because we remember we went to the first game and you walked around with the with the cast on. Tell you all the opposing batsmen that are about. You got to watch out for that guy. He breaks too those heads for fun. It was so much fun. Yeah, because I just tend like I was an average joe coming to watch the time. Then let's go to the sheds. Hey, you boys going? Yeah, good, good as you Gangun is he? Oh yeah, nervous and not making any grunt. Might see this opening bowler? Yeah, he's pretty quick, Eisy. Oh Shit, how can we see my cast? Yeah, Oh, which did he hit my in the net? Set slowable? Yeah, yeah, it's is slowly comes out around about a hundred and fifteen, hundred twenty Jesus I got. Yeah, what what's this? What's this? First Fun? I'M S Dad. You want to back three, get the far. That was yeah, really, that really kept this going for the rest of the year after that. It was Hilarious, so much fun. That good bit of fun. I've got another. Not a injury that you actually inflicted upon someone earlier. Yeah, you really, he really, you're making me out to sound like a proper Dick as huff. Well, look, you did it on both occasion, somewhat. That three fair. They're both unintentional. This particular one is from we decided to play footy seventh. Yeah, this wind sir, look pretty hard game. Big Show out everyone. He plays forty cent a lot of running. Yeah, too much ry, actually, yeah, so, some say too much, but we decide play mix. So we played with a few girls that, ever Na never actually played footy before. So good at good on them for getting on and getting about with it. And we are no K season. We won a few, we lost a few. Obviously we had a bit of an advantage. You know, you back in the day. Fun Fact for all of you at home, you don't know this, but you would have actually been number one draft pick in the two thirteen draft, which I think was Dusky here as well, wasn't? It was the same docket. Easy. Look, that is that is a fact that you like to you like to drop when we when we go out together. It's a hundred percent not true. It is it is true. I've it. I'm very good authority. Right. It is true, though. So yeah, anyway, let's let's move right along, because it is unresent a complete let's get go spread. Steve Silvani the other day said, yeah, we're looking at him. We'll looking under keeping united anyway. So, yeah, he's here. was too good. You do have a deliciously gorgeous it must be said. Anyway. So this one particular game, it was a bit of a nail by that against top of the table. So we thought we were going to get slaughtered coming into it and we're actually holding our own. I think you know, we've maybe down by goal heading into the final. The final couple of minutes I did a bit of heroic defending at the back, got up on some shoulders to a specky ended one dodge to shed about. Found you in the middle third, because it's thirds and forty seven with a pass straight to your chest, new spin past one side step and run up. And then you face with a bit of a dilemma. You have two options in the forth pocket and footy sevens you're only allowed two people who can kick the goal. So you have one of the girls in our team and she's, you know, kind of just in the final third, and he have a made of us who's dead on in the girls, completely unmarked. You choose the ladder option and you nail. What I have to say to this day is the hardest I've ever seen a footy kick. The flattest, hardest path. That would have hit him dead on in the chest. The problem is about twenty yards in front of him is this girl on our team and you're only about probably five to seven meters away from it at this point. No, no, let's get back a bitch. And you've hit her square in the face with this box like it's so flat and hard that it just hasn't got over at all. She hasn't even seen it coming and you just send it flying about ten fifteen meters back. Now that's probably an exaggeration. It's probas probably about a good two or three meets. He sent it flying back. The ball smacks...

...her in the face and somehow she holds onto it. It's one of the greatest marks of ever set. It was unbelievable. It was unbelievable. Fuck. Everyone's kind of go, Oh my God, he you're okay, okay, and you know, I think she was suffering from a massive concussions and she was cut. She was kind of hobbling off the field. I got yeah, okay, and she's got yeah, I'm hope my teeth feel rattled if I still got them all. But I've never seen a bullet pass like that. And you actually look morally annoyed that she got in the way of what would it be? The certain golf look, and that's the thing that annoys me the most. The story is that, yeah, we would have won that game. Yeah, it was. That was awful. It was. It was probably the best of ever keep two footy. I was it was really like, I think in the ball probably would have traveled about forty meters, probably not gone over about like, you know, a meter and a half high. And Yeah, it just happened that it. It just clocked a like clear eat in the face. She took it up only one right like she took it unbelievable mark. I felt so awful, but it was it that was crazy. It was yeah, it wasn't, it wasn't. I didn't look the best after that. But the thing about when I when we used to play footy servants as well, I used to get a little bit annoyed with a lot of you, but we weren't always, you know, number one draft picks. Like some of us in new to footy. We take time to get good. You know, it took me a while to get the vertical that I've got you, particularly because you you walk around as a you're a very good athlete, but you don't have any huge any huge jump on you, and it used to really frustrate me that you could out jump people in the back up. Used to get quiet and then the yes, as I walked off the field, I was probably more annoyed that we didn't win the game rather than like knocking this girl's teeth out. That that I probably look like quite a dick and I feel like that's probably why they did want to play again with me next year for the following year. Now look to be fair it was completely unintentional and you know, had she not gone the way, we'd have won that game. Thanks the fact that that's absolute facts. Yeah, it was a yes, an interesting interest to go dear well, my this kind of brings us on to the final savement that we've prepared. This came up is a bit of an idea. In our previous episode we're talking about good old Tom Adell. I'll mate, I'll make Tomodell. I want down another lot of not lo. What a beautiful song. Where where? We kind of like, what if it happened to Tom of dew? And this segments all about you know, athletes, celebrities, people from satin walks of life that you haven't thought about in a while and he kind of don't know what happened to them. Whatever happened to seriously, that's what you're calling this segment. Up Your game, guys. So what we're going to do is try solve some of those mysteries of what happened to these people. So I've got one to kick off here. Great Song from the year two thousand. If you've ever been to perseverance not club in Melbourne, you'll be for you'll be familiar with this one. Shaggy, it wasn't me. When you caught me on the counter. It wasn't me. God, Shaggy. Now no one's heard from shaggy in quite a period of time. I can't think of the last thing Shaggy Dick, can you? That's a very good point. I'm really I'm genuinely lost. I've no idea when you would have released anything. She says. Good, yeah, good point. M Here's my concern. That entire song. It wasn't if you listen to the lyrics. He's claiming he didn't cheat on his girlfriend, but it's very obvious that he did in fact cheat on his girlfriend. True. So that song came out in the year two thousand. It's two thousand and twenty. He writes a hit song about not cheating on his girlfriend when he did and consequently we don't hear from him. Since my concern is what happened to Shay, are you inferring that perhaps he he might have been off by his girlfriend one hundred percent husband whacked and whacked it. I think that's yeah, I think that is a that's a pretty fair call. Actually. Let's let's look at much yeah, let's look at the facts. So she caught him on the counter, but he said it wasn't it wasn't him.

She caught him on the bathroom floor. It wasn't him. But who wasn't? Them on the SOFA, wasn't him. Who wasn't that? Look, who was it? I'm yeah, I'm I'm a hundred percent back in your theory that he was almost certainly off by his his girlfriend. He Got Carol Basket. Hey, yeah, he got Carol Baskin. For those of haven't seen Tiger King, Carol basket definitely killed husband, whacked him one, one thousand per sec it's yeah, for a show anyway. I think. Yeah, I think we can. We can safely shooting that shaggy has not reached start of again following that song, purely because his girlfriend has probably killed him. Yeah, and you know, if you checking a dumpster now and again for some ungodly reason, maybe you just drunk it three am after a night out, if you check it dumps please check for shaggy. Yeah, it's important. We don't know where he is. said to somebody, please find shaggy. I don't know personally, but I'm sure he's got a family or you know somebody cares about him? Clearly not his girlfriendly those girlfriend exactly. All right, well, let me let me bring it my first whatever happened to? I'm going to bring in Brendan Fraser. Oh my God, yeah, good, I'll brandon fraser. So what do you reckon the last film was that you remember him in? And I'M gonna I'm gonna Google this as we go. Sorry, it's either George of the Chung or, seriously, good baby. Or what was the other one? Who is it? Is it the mummy, the original mommy? He's in the mummy. Yeah, it was one of those two. Surely so the yeah, the most recent mummy was two thousand and eight and that was probably his biggest film. Or like, he's most he's most known, I guess, film like and that's what that's what really makes me worried. So in twelve years he's not really made anything that's really hit the hit the big screen. My God, that's fast math. Get Two plus to his for one. That's three quick maths and that and that really scares me. Apparently, looking at his credits, apparently he's been other things, but I don't think. Yes, why, what else has he been in anything? We would have saying. There's a show called doom patrol. Ever heard of that? Never is. There's a movie called line of descent. What's that sends? All Right, was about that? All right, that looks bad. Is it a Michael Baby? It's not a Michael Babyy, but it's a it's a mafia movie, so I'm guessing it's gonna be pretty bad things shop. It's got FID s Faun as well. That doesn't sorry, it's born in a mafia movie. No thanks. Thanks. So, yeah, he's my first. Whatever happened to because I feel like, though he probably still is doing things, I'm just a bit worried about him. A hundred percent. Like he was a he was a big movie star there for a while he was smashing him out and then, you know, just just down here about him here. Was that happen? He was like a almost a teenage kind of heartthrob or something, wasn't he? Yeah, probably, I'm confirmed. I'm confirmed. Now one Nice I've got. I've got an one for you. You may not have heard of this person, but my sister was in love with him growing up. Chad Michael Murray and Maka Murray. You know, I haven't shared Michael Barry. Did you know why I know who he is when I think, as was mentioned in the first podcast, I was I happened to watch gilmore girls my girlfriend and he thinks he features in Gilmore girls in yeah, he's like the first few. Says this. That's the only reason I know who he is. Yeah, right, because he was. He was kind of like the ZAC are fron prior to that here, if that makes sense. So why when Zac are from was kind of like, you know, this shit from high school musical that all the girls kind of went crazy for, he was the year before that, if that makes sense. Cheese. So I don't know what's happened to it, because I think he was in the one tree hill or one of those shows. I feel like it's one of those shows. Yeah, yeah, when I shows that it's kind of on, but you never watched. But like Big Bang theory. Yeah, true, yeah, no one, no one knows what's happened. To check, I'm just going ess a void hi up on wikipedia. So we kind that we can't confend as a hundred percent true, because obviously wikipedia can be edited a lot. Apparently he's been in Riverdale. If you watch Riverdale, Nah, no, right, that's good though, isn't it? Apparently, who knows? It's one okay, yeah, interesting with even one episode, or is he like I'm going wrong. It might just be a much to be... episode sort of thing, but I yeah, I'm just I'm genuinely concerned about about Chad Marchael Murray. See Bomb. I'll introduce my next one and then, should we say, one more after that and then directly call this one, because I reckon, we've gone a little bit long today. Oh Shit. Yeah, okay, all right. So my next again an actor. Actually got quite a big list, but I'll just I'll go with this next one because I think this is probably the biggest, the biggest name of a small name list. Yeah, Josh Hartnett. What do you are? What do you think happened to Josh Hartnett? Oh, well, what was spose? What was the hate preparation him? He was he was shout out. It is it? He was in peal harbor. was saying terrible baby. Yeah, he's with Ben Affleck, the bad flay. Yeah, the blows, shocker, that bomb. Okay, they can start. Yeah, it was you. He was in black cockdown. Yeah, series in black ockdown Pearl Harbor. So it really focuses on the wartime films, that's last the war, and that's yeah, and genuinely I don't think I've seen anything with him since I have to Google them right now and we're going to find out what he's been in. If you're a feel happy to Padd for a few seconds. Yeah, absolutely so. You don't normally let me do this, but I'm just going to plug stuff right now. So if you haven't already check out our website, Sam and Alexcom Dode, you find all the podcasts there. If you follow us on facebook and Instagram, you'll be seeing more and more engaging, hilarious content. But behind the scenes what we get up to. And I spare time, which isn't a lot of moment because of Ranna the red, just to bring you back to Josh Harnatt, thanks to the plug. So shockingly, he's been in films almost every year since two third, since one thousand nine hundred and ninety eight, he's been in some sort of movie. No, he's been twenty. He's got things cash for twenty twenty one, like old mate. Old Mates, rockings are on, but he's just not doing anything. I'm really I'm really worried. When was Pearl Harbor Two thousand and one? When was black walked down two thousand and one? Holy Shit, I conspiracy here. God ready for this? I've just thought of this on the spot, so I may not check out. What wanting this made I check out. Do you reckon eleven was a plot to destroy Josh Harnette's film career? Look without without sort of, you know, really really good, too much opening, opening up the wounds of some of our American listeners. I would a hundred percent back that theory. Yeah, well, I mean, yeah, I think that's a hundred percent fair. You know what, actually, you know, it's interesting. He so two thousand and one. He made one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight movies in two thousand and one. What was he doing in two thousand and one that made him so like sought after? Yeah right, well, maybe maybe he just overcommitted, you know when people just left himself. Maybe maybe just triple book himself. Shit, I'm going to do that again. Over here we go. That's, yes, insane, speaking of us. Speaking two thousand and one, though, what a film, what a year for movies. Hmm, direking you audio. Yeah, you would. You reckon, you can. Nay, I think those two thousand. Joking, you know. Sorry, two thousand and one on a yeah, so gladid. It was two thousand. Do you can? You can name the the best film of two thousand and one or that? I reckon, I could. That a beautiful mind. Yeah, fuck, that's a good call. How did you get that? I Google that. The girl, like the movies in two thousand and one, a beautiful mind. The Lord of the Rings, like Training Day. Yeah, Moren Rouge the others. That's a good movie. That's not racing movie. Yeah, Jesus, you've seeing that. Scary others. Yeah, yeah, that's some Nicole Kidman, isn't it? I think she was still married to Tom Cruise. That it's well, very scary, scary Ali j that was will Smith. Big Break was Ali. Oh my yet yep, Yep, YEP, or I mean after after all. Yeah, Ocean's love it.

Yeah, how you? Richard, the original fast, the furious are no way. Yeah, Richard Jones is diary. Oh my God, Shrek, Shriek, Jimmy, neutron and Monsters Inc whow we wow, that is a lazy Hannibal. I mean, I mean, obviously we're digressing a lot, but that is an unbelievable for film go on which right, by kids, a spike, kids do it was Spi kids. I do Miss Fu kids. Yeah, to writer Harry Potter, the First Harry Potter. No Way. Yeah, all the wedding planner. Fuck, I forgot make we kind of hope with in there. All right, we should. We should probably cut this off now. We're just Davy movies. Yeah, yeah, and do all our American fans as well. We don't need to make light of n eleven. It's it was a terrible tragedy, a bit like Josh Hartnett's career post two thousand and one. Yeah, we're just a bit weird rich. We're just seriously worried about what what happened to him. Yeah, yeah, ALP my everything, everything's out of love. Will thank you. Thank you, guys all, for listening to episode seven. We know this probably gone a little bit too long. It's probably gonna be about that hour. So, yes, all right, we'll fix we'll fix it in post. I mean, I won't. It will be fixed in post. No, but thanks for this again. Remember to jump on to Samu alexcom dot a. You for for any sort of if you want to you know, if you want to bring anything to the show. It's got. Any segments you want us to do? We'd love to do some some segments from that. People suggests, but instutely. But yeah, no, thanks for listening those guys. Yeah, that's all for today's episode. Thanks for listening to the SAM and Alex podcast.

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