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Episode 3 · 2 years ago

Episode 3 - We Actually Prepared For This One, It's Pretty Good!


[Recorded via Zoom] - In Episode 3, Sam and Alex have a (very, very) lengthy chat about movies and movie scenarios, and they bring back their "bar convo's" segment.

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Maybe. What am I listening to? You're listening to the sum and Alex podcast. Welcome, everybody, to the third episode of the Samue Alex podcast. This is it's pretty cool, isn't it? So three episodes. The second one is going up today, which is Saturday. The what's the date, son, the eleventh of April. I believe it's the eleventh. Yet, eleventh of April. What does that make it? Hell, how long have you been in isolation for now then? Well, we were a couple of weeks early with because I wait for a sporting clubs probably or be coming up. Six weeks now, six weeks. I think I'm just hit the month mark. Yeah, I think just hit the month and I'm going to stay absolutely stir crazy. It's hard to get is I am? Yeah, I've waked out. What it is? I've gone more than very acceptable amount of time without wearing an iron shirt. Start to look sloppy as buck. Yeah, well, said thing like I've not. I mean, I'm dying for haircut. I really need a haircut. I've not showed the lal how the locks. Other locks are okay. Locks are okay. The leads. The leads looking solid at the moment. I need it. Yeah, I can't see you, but I can only assume because you have one of the most gorgeous lids I've ever seen. It has to be said. What point are you going to start to get concerned about the lead? And Will you get your very serious long term girlfriend to cut your hair? She's already offered like three times. I just can't. I just can't do it, though. I need to see a barber. I think I don't try, I really don't trust it, she'll purposely fuck it up. Have you if you thought about because this is crossed my head six weeks into isolation, I should say before I blurt this one out there, but I have considered the bus, the buzz. Yeah, hundred percent, I'd be. I'd be worried. It's not going to go back, though. That's my concerning because you don't want at this stage, we don't know if this is going to last three months, six months, year, however long, but you don't want to do the bars and then we come out of isolation like two weeks later. That's absolute worst case. Sorry, yeah, you do that, you do that, but do the buzz. Yeah, exactly. You Buzzet, you buzzet and you're back and work the next week. Try to explain why you look like it absolute for I realize you did at listed. Yeah, I just don't want to bars and look like Jason Stathan and then have to go back to work. That's not ideal. It's really not idea. Has Everything else going? Yeah, it's all good mine. Well, good. Any Fun me stories over the weekend? No Super Funny Stories, but I've lost a bit of weight. My any girls out there listening, you're probably hate me for this, but I've lost six kilos in two weeks. She's that's a good crazy. Yeah, from all the running I've been doing. I should say I'm not. It's not that food poisoning that you got dudgy and counter with a fiery vindelu. Yeah, now I've done it. Done a lot of running and lost quite a few cakes. I'm looking a little bit skinny at them. I'm not feeling huge, and that's never a good sign. That's yeah, that is a big issue. It's particularly for you. I don't how much your you rely on looking huge a hundred percent. My Cop my self confidence is directly correlated to how massive I feel. Exactly. Yeah, yeah, can great. At the moment it is a struggle. Yeah, I'm feeling I just feel so sluggish. I don't think I can wake up at the moment. My I'm so go to bed like eleven ...

...o'clock. It's still not wake it up till late Ted. It's really not good. It really is hard to wake up at the moment. You got any good tips? Nah, really. Yeah, I think I just got to come up with the reason to get up before ten o'clock. I mean we're work probably is well, but I could do most of my work in the morning from bed. So it's not too and if my boss is listening to this, I'm up at at am working each day, every day he's had it is hard to explain, when we're working from home, how I've been late to work for the last three weeks. You don't understand. I have a Bassett House. The distance provide bedroom to my office. It's a really exactly. I maybe maybe we should move on of some of the content that we've actually prepared for the podcast today. This probably actually this is probably one of the first ones were prepared. We've properly prepared some stuff in the in the days before and not just like half an hour before, doing a quick call, being like what do you want to talk? Yeah, well, well, look with with three episodes in now. So we thought we should add maybe a teaspoon of professionalism and actually prepare something. So the first segment we've got today is fake movie trailers. It's time for fake movie trailers. This kind of stems out of the news that a lot of a lot of movies being pushed back at the moment to two thousand and twenty one. Obviously people can't get a movie theaters and it's costed movie business a Shitload of every day. Although I saw summer going directly to apple streaming. Did you see that? I did say that. That's it's a pretty good time. Yeah, it's pretty good time to be netflix or apple streaming or Amazon prime or whatever, because you're just going to, yeah, absolutely out of lives almost the movies that can't be released in cinema hundred percent. Be kind of led to us to come up with our own game. You and I both quite competitive. I'd say I'm slightly more competitive. No, I'm more competitive. So we thought we'd come up with given us an absence move. We come up with fake movie trailers of a movie that we'd want to see. So the challenges. You got to come up with a dirty roughly a thirty secondaration. We won't get the timer out. The fake movie trailer can't be a current movie and you have to do your own movie narration voice and choose kind of you leading person, Male, female, or however they self identify. Sure, and then the way we choose the winner on this is the other person will score your movie zero to ten, not based on how good the movie is, based on how well it will do on the at the box office. At the box office, okay, it's like a ten. Model would be like a marvel or a fast fast and the furious, like not not your typical quality movie as such. Particularly fast and the furious absolutely dominates the box office. I remember, I think one of the best, the best things that we've done together is watching was it fast and furious? Eight? When? When? Rock? Do I? Yeah, do I. The Rock Johnson is a misside it. Actually, you literally could write that Shit. The Rock just found a miss on, decided he's going to punch it and I like fuck it, will put it in the movie. Yeah, I don't reckon, I don't reckon. They even they didn't even film that for the movie. That was just happening in real life and they just chucked it. All right, do you really? Do you want to? We can't do a coin to Urs. Obviously we're doing this just audio. So do you want to go first, mate, or do you want me to go first? Now? I'm happy to go first. I just need to get my movie trailer Voice Ready. Are Mine Fakes? We if... sounds a bit too edited in this section, is because we took a few guys to get this right. kind of percent. Let me have a sip of my summer's be low carb apple CIDER, low cup about it didn't get into big yeah, that issue. All right, we're ready enough to get off the cause light, the couselt is anything drink cause Mark Warburg does, which I think kind of sums up cause light. Also also sums up Mark Warburg. But yeah, all right. Are we ready? Yes, okay, HMM. Starring John Cena and Jason State, in a world at the brink of alien invasion, only two men can give the rest of earth hope. Following the two and twenty pandemic crisis, Earth is now the least polluted liverabool planets in the Galaxy, starring Steve Bushemi as the alien commander. Our heroes, utilizing sheer balls at WWe moves, must save earth from the invaders, also featuring Macauley Culchd is John seen his best friend and drug dealer in schools. July twenty twenty two. First of all, spot on job with storyline. I would a hundred percent go see that times. I love that. So just remind me WHO's in it. So, John Seena, so we have. So they are two leading men, John Seenor and Jason Statham. Fuck to Alpha's too. Absolute Alphas we've got. I wanted to pick a really weird looking person as the like, you know, the alien commanders. I'm fixed Steve wishevy. Naturally go straight to stick scheppy. If you Google Weird Unit, Steve for Chevy Cups up number one. And then I felt like we need a little bit of sort of comic relief again, a little bit of a weird unit. So I chose Macaulay Culkin to be like a spin offs, that kind of sidekick for our John Sena. A hundred percent. All righty U look make you set the bar pretty high. there. I think that would absolutely dominate at the box office. So I'm getting I'm gonna give you a nine out of ten. there. Oh Geez, thank you, but think pure star factor, awesome plot, obviously. Yeah, it's pretty much just shy of the ten, and that's only because it's not a marvel movie. I sue, and that yet of course. Actually, could you release Bob? Couldn't? We could integrate somebody into it. All right, if you're choosing marvel, as you DA, I'm getting, I'm going nine and a half ten, I think. I think it's too I don't think we can get them on board. But well, you know, we'll look into it, we'll look at the production table, look into it. We'll got nine. Okay, I'm getting will nervous now. All Right, here we go. Okay, let me just add few takes to get into my movie. characterist. So in a world of ordinary people, it'll take one of them, one tragedy, to bring the world, America, to its knee. So when the world last hope? Where did we tour one man, just one special man, to save us all? This December, the world's biggest blockbuster, Dwayne the Rock Johnson, fights covid nine tea in a battle of epic proportions. Who will come out on top? This movie is based on real life events, sort of. That is brilliant. So can you, can you extend on the Plus a little bit? Obviously that's a that's a ripper trailer like that is gonna people will flock to say that. So I'm going with the fast of the furious small here, in that there's no real plot. It's just the Rock in a shit. It's about six sizes too small, literally fighting the coronavirus hand to hand combat. That is brilliant. Yeah, it's so good. A right, I'm gonna give that ANA. Now. Do you think the fact that it's...

...fighting covid nineteen is going to do you think it's too soon? What's a really state of this movie? December, two thousand and twenty? Who just just as everyone comes out of isolation? Oh that's maybe, that's well, that's yeah, as a as a studio, that's what we decided, you know, I'd be thought it'd be the best best way to get bums on seats. People are going to be in a mood like yeah, fuck, yeah, we beat it's fair enough. I think that that is going to go brilliantly, I think, and particularly I think you've got there. You got the factor that it's obviously like as soon as you're out of isolation. So you're going to capitalize on the whole, particularly American like you know, we won. We won like mission accomplished. That is yeah, I'm going to give that. I'll give that an ace. I reckon. That's fair. That's fair. It's tough to be John Cena and stapen. I think. I think it's just now. Look, I love day the Rock Johnson as much as the next guy, but I think it's done. It is hard for him to carry a movie purely on his own, like at least fast, your furry, fast and furious. He had been diesel. Is True. I can't say. Oh, what was that? Rampage? You See? Rampage? No, it's it's it's in this thing where were the rock is running like a zoo or something, or he's like a zoo Hendler and this. That's right. Yeah, it's the girly goes crazy. He's the only one that can stop. It's brilliant, such a good shot movie. But so I think, I think that's you're only issue is that you're yet you're relying very heavily on on the Rock, which which I mean can always have it. You haven't heard who's playing the coronavirus yet. Oh wait, who's playing the coronavirus itself? Don't done, done it. It's back everything. It's good. It's gonna take the Brock Ninety minutes to fight out he can't actually punch a virus. Is there going to be a scene in that movie where the rock is in the lab coat just without any explanation around it, probably wearing glasses as well? Not only is he going to be doing that, but he's gonna be doing bench press while two bunts of birth it's flow on the background. There's going to be a moontage seed of him working out in a lab yes, because we all know the greatest seed in any movie is in the fast of the furious where he and Jackson stated them doing bicycles opposite each other. Well, congratulations, Matt. I think you win that one. If, if anybody has another movie plot line, suggestion, the trailer that they want to submit to us, jump onto samoe alexcom today. You and you know, find the contact forms and send us a your own movie trailer, but absolutely, yeah, I reckon that. That's that is so good, though. I'd love to see any of either those movies. That be fucking hilarious. I reckon. We should said the bath and just see if we get any nibbles bag like Netflix, or buy anything. Actually, that's true. Just give it a guy, just see what happened. So, staying with movies, we came up with another little game here, more kind of focused around us, though, rather than the big stars. So we kind of assuming that in this scenario, and the game is called, who would play you? Who would play you? Okay, introducing who would play you. Yeah, so it's kind of the scenario that... know, you kind of play it at school a bit. You know, if there's a movie to be made about your life, who would and and you can pick a different portion of your life. You know you've been incredibly successful, obviously have. You've reached the highest summits. You know, you've got a gorgeous lid. You have to pick the following. WHO's the director? Who plays you? You, who plays your love interest, who plays the villain and who plays your psychic and sort of a rough plot. Sure, sure, it was like me to start or do you think jot to start this one? I'll go first on this one. So my my movie is going to be about my cricket season, two thousand and nineteen, two thousand and twenty, of course fucking is. Yeah, where I scored three hundred seventy seven runs at an average of sixty two point eight three, with two hundred someone fifty, you know, an incredible achievement in degray cricket. So as a director, I've gone for Martin Score SASE. Sure, sure, it's not like I feel like it's the kind of arts movie that he'd attached himself to. Sure that's smart. Actually, Yep, Yep, yeah, see, it got to be like a Brooklyn kind of background to it, despite, despite being in the Middle Victoria. Yeah, we get a we get a yeah, we can just set it in Brooklyn for some reason. And also is a big fan of tracking shots. I quite like the idea of just walking around a cricket cricket hove all to one tracking shot. Tell, you're right. Promised to set up the other things. Playing Myself, I'd have Scott Eastwood. That's good. I do know who's got eastwoods. That's smart. That's very smart, because I feel like we get him on the cheap because he's star. He's not. He's not a big, big movie start. I can't think of him in a leading role, but he's been in some big movies. Yeah's right. You know, he's very classically handsome and plus I might get to meet Clint Eastwood, so that's a Batus love interest. I've got two options here, depending on scheduling and availability and stuff. So I've gone. I've got for either the Australian Cricket Captain Tim Pain's wife, Bonnie pain. Oh, why is that man just readily big, big fan of hers, so big shout out to funny pain, or Margo Robbie. You know, I'll leave it up to Martin. Here's the director. After all, whoever he feels like more worthy of casting. Sure, sure, villain, because every villain has to be English, because, yeah, that's how movies work. I've gone for the toffish GIZER. I'd shaved this a suit most of the times, the trance sporter, Jason Staf, of course, and as a sidekick. So I'm choosing you, you in the plot of kind of my psycheck. Right, sure, who would you like to play yourself? Actually well, actually so in my movie, which is coming up next, obviously coming up to you, I've I've chosen Tom Huddleston to play myself, Tommy hiddle stood. Yeah, I did. I need to explain the movie to you. That it really works. You got it for a bit of height there, Ma, you made me do like Tom Hardy. Okay, wow, one week of waits and... really wrote yourself togever top. Now I've gone for Nicholas Holt, Nicholas Hoult Guy, to plays beast to next man. That's break. There's a lot of there's a little bit of similarity there. HMM, I'll take that. I'll take that. I can see Nicholas holders like a, you know, a degrade opening bowler falling. Yes, that works. Yeah, so that that would be my movie and you have a is there a plot behind it? Yeah, the plot is I'm coming off pretty average season the previous year and it's kind of backs against the wall with a new club. I just smash it out the park after a tough run. And there's there's a next montage, which is not actually me. It's it's actually a montage of Steep Steven Peter debrieh Smith absolutely builting the cover off a ball and we're just super imposed. Is My face on it? That's yeah, what's your movie, mate? Okay, so my okay, my director is going to be Christopher Nolan. I'm looking, I'm looking for it's going to be. Fuck, here we go, it's gonna be. It's gonna be a darker movie, Nice Show, it's gonna yeah, it's gonna have a Famit, attention, drama, buzz atmosphere. It's gonna make absolutely nice. Said exactly. So, playing myself, as I said, we'll be Tom Hidleston. I'm very I'm very much going off like the inception kind of cast any essentially Eddie Christopher old movie, so full of full of English people. Really, okay, love interests. Now. My Love Interest I've chosen is a Livium Mun do you know who she is? Olivium, give very quick, give very quick Google if throughout the computer. So it's just gonna keep talking. I'M gonna get a doctor Google here. Sure. I just watched a movie with the last night and she's incredible. Nice, you know, and obviously you didn't tell you very seon. Oh, she is stunning. Yeah, she's in she plays silock. You next man. Yes, yeah, yes, yes, and she she dated the basketballer. What's his name? Are you think of Aaron Rodgers, the NFL? Ah, she dated him as well, I'm sure. But yeah, Kevin love for the Cavaliers, did she? Oh Damn, yeah, I think so. Oh Damn, pretty sure. Get get dark on the pots and pants to chet that one, to check that one up. Yeah, fair, that one up a so so. Yeah, I've chosen her because literally, just because I watched a movie with her last night. She was incredible. So pick that one, okay. By villain is Tom Hardy. Yeah, yeah, and my sidekick, now is gonna be interesting. Call is going to be played by Ricky Gervaise, Oh damn, in a serious movie, in a it's all right. So that. Let me go into the plot for you. All right, okay, so much like real life. I am an athletic prodigy, but I have to but I'm injured. It's like a horrific injury that I get. Okay, so then the film is going to be a recount of my life while I'm in the hospital recovering from this injury, which I obviously received from Tom Hardy, because he's the villain in this. So being being a Christopher Nolan film, as well as going to be a few twist and turns. So it turns out that Tom Hardy purposely cause this injury as a means to inception me and plant the idea that I don't know how to play the game that I excel. that. Okay, what game you playing again? I'm not even sure yet. It could be anything. I'm gonna say I it is where it is worth mentioning you. You wear a decent footy player...

...back in the day. In fact, I have it on very good authority you would have been number one draft pick had you entered that year. And that is and that is the line that, whenever we go out, usually tell everybody. I believe. I believe that's the line that scored you very serious long term girlfriend. Almost, almost certainly that was. Yeah, that's exactly we may have two fat check that. Okay. So then there's going to be lots of montages of Olivia Munn and Ricky Gervet's teaming up to teach me how to play the game again. Yeah, and and I've just I finished this off with just hilarity ensues. So it's going to be both. There's going to be drama, there's gonna be a comedy. Yeah, fair bit of Sport and obviously, I think that the plot line of the end. Obviously I'll get back to the top and you know, yeah, I don't even decided what sport it's going to be. With whatever it is, I'm going to win at it. So that's essentially going to be my my movie. Oh my God, can we make it in the same universe as my movie about the Rock and you shoot your montage, seems at the same time. That would be all you're you're in the Iron Paradise. He's like would you trading? You're like lakes. He's like sick, sick. Then and you go, I'm doing betch could be spotty goes, I don't know, I don't do bed. You do hired Ted ste rats. I've turned this ball it Cheez, we are on fire with the movies. That sounds like an absolute cracker. I think it's second and particularly your one. I'd love to see if, assuming that body paid, because her schedule will be far tighter than than Marco Robbie. So let's just ashoot the Robbie's bit of a has me. Yeah, true, but let's just shoot obviously if she listens to this. Of course not exand of the show Marga, obviously, with jaking taking have a bit of fun. But yeah, I would love to see Margo Robbie like at a cricket game. I think that would be just the concept of that is just awesome. I'd also quite like to see Scottie's were getting too character learning at like Chi an American learn how to play cricket. would be fucking hilarious. Yeah, we telling me has to go all method might chater says he was wind him up. Yeah, he's actually, but what a what a Peter just comes here trying to play cricket. Yeah, all right, well, I think that's that's essentially all of our movies, kind of, sort of. I guess it got it is. It does also led to the fact that we've made at home for a long time. Week we're got to be watching a fair bit of movies. Yeah, not gonna NOT gonna lie the Stair. Crazy's kicking in maybe about ten percent at the moment. Oh yeah, moving on to something not movie. You're related bit of Bar Convo are a conversation that kind of often comes up. You know you're having a few getting on the bees your mates, and it's an interesting one. What would you do in a Zombie Apocalypse? So the world has been taken over by deadly virus corona and, cough, I wasn't supposed to read that bit. It's you and either your family or friends, or whoever you want to choose. You can have no more than a team of six versus the rapidly increasing supply of Human Zombie hybrids. Now few, few notable points to bear in mind. So you've got to talk us through what your plan is. Shure, the the EP center is Melbourne, CBD. HMM, purely because we both live in Melbourne. If you're playing along at home, it's where the fuck you live. Sure, zombies,...

...we get. We're going for slow zombies, slowish zombies. They can move at half human pace or alex fly out sprint. YEA, they can. They can only be killed by destroying their brain. Sure the virus is only transferred through biting. Yep, and you have a finite supply of Small v Neck tshirts. I know how much you love them. Yep. And and the one caveat is you're not allowed to do the plan from Shawn of the dead, which is in Chester. We can't. We can't just hang it a local pub. Okay, no, have a nice girl pint of wait for all this to blow over. Okay, so this is going to be interesting. Okay, so they move at half pace, half pace, but you're going to assume so, being in the CBD, they're going to be infecting a lot of people, essentially all the what's yeah, what's the like? What's the catalyst to? I guess spread. Well, I have about this. I put a bit of thought into this, but kind of correct my thinking as I go here. So my plan is to get as rural as possible. Sure, sure, it's actually a plan. I want to do long term, pully, because I don't like people, but smart, heading out towards the Grampians, a Western Victoria. Yep, Yep, kind of hilly terrain, but there's there's a lot of lakes and rivers up that way. So you've got access to fresh water, firstile ground, plenty of animals for food. Sure, and you know, depending on where you go in, the grantings themselves pretty well sheltered and can see, because it's really you can see people coming from a mile away. SMART. That's where I go to the people I choose made, obviously Lee, I'd say, your lovely self, so we could keep putting out some awesome content. So I choose two other mates, one of whom's a doctor, because I feel like a doctor's very handy. You always need a medic. Anyone that's played the shoot a game needs a medic, of course, of course. And the other made I choose is made. He's particularly outdoorsy, kind of like your bear grills, the drinking, rown Piss Shit. Yep, they're quite outdoors and they're quite practical. So if you needed to build stuff, they're quite good. I'm terrible that kind of Shit, so I'd be good. So I feel like we've got a good balance. They're like you and I bring the comic relief, the muscle. We we could do the hut, the hunting, the buildering, the laboring work. We got a knocked, we got an outdoorsman to find us a settlement. Sure, I'd say. Why one family member, which you should be, my dad, sorry, mom, and sister. Oh, porka AD to cheer now. I'm sorry. She's just shit it giving throw downs. That's no less. You know, that's got a good arm on himself. Even at sixty, and I'd choose a woman because we'd need to breathe. She's like no, no, no, don't call me your beside of this. You would, you would need a woman at some point down the track. Am I wrong? Of course, I mean at this point. Maybe it's just for their clear thinking. Yeah, probably. The part I haven't figured out is how the fuck we're going to get there. Okay, that was that's gonna be my first question. So obviously public transport can't be taken into consideration. Actually. First off, so what's the response like, so say from so you know, beginning in the CBD? How long is it until people realize that it's like a...

...problem, like we're talking toilet paper level panic? So people are just getting fucking nuts? Okay, sure, sure, so heats, people are still supermarkets, you know, they're just running around in the street. Yeah, but the zombies are trying to bite you see, find out pretty quickly. Sure, sure, okay. So then, yeah, you could have to do something like a like a minivan. Yeah, to get everybody out there. I think you're going to need a minivan, Sady, get a minivan. All right. So I guess the first thing we have to do? Are we all in the same place when this happens? No, that's the challenge as well. So we have sh okay, individual locations. So to make it fair, will say half of the team is with me and half of the teams with you. Sure, okay, and we don't live too far apart from each other, so we could. Don't now you're not going to want to take the freeway because that's going to be the busiest part and assuming that there's like this kind of panic happens all at once, then it's gonna be heaps of cars left on the freeway and everybody's going to be a bend in in the shit. Yeah, so, so you might find roblocks and crap like that. So you don't need that. That is true. So then you need to get everybody to like, I guess, like an outer suburb. That is you. I'm thinking that still has what, yeah, full access to the ground. My thought is I'm right in the CBD, so I'M gonna struggle get out of the thick of it. Yeah, I reckon. Your team's kind of in charge of VAM procurement and supplies, because you got a little bit more time. Sure, my team is doing kind of immediate supplies. And Yeah, weapons, weapons, HMM, yes, what's it? So what's the go to weapon going to be as well? I guess he's remember that. I'm going with the shorn of the dead model. I'm going a cricket bat. I'm not getting my brand new that you hit three hundred, three hundred thirty four runs up Simpi seven runs. I knew. I knew had that role and it every just sixty two by day three. Now I'd use my my lovely out bet, who you remember well, get old least US mild new balance. I feel like she'd serve me one last time. Oh, she would, she would it absolutely. And then one of the other guys in the team's got a set of golf club so I feel like a golf club Id be pretty good. Sure, sure, and I've got a set here as well. So we got we got at least a fair we are good access to golf club. So that's important, to get access. Yeah, okay. I got anything that could kill a Zombie from a distance. That's the other thing that we need. Do we so do you have it? Do you have a cross bay? No, really enough. What can we you? Maybe we could use like a so I'm just looking at my garage. HMM. Yeah, it's not easy. So, like, yeah, because you can't do obviously the shown of the dead approach is a record, a vinyl disc from a distance to try and get the head. Yeah, I've seen your throwing arm. I wouldn't back it exactly exactly. That's back. So that's going to be. So that's gonna be our first issue, because we don't want to get into like handtohand combat, because then there's obviously a higher chance getting exactly and you've got a good chance to getting overwhelmed. Like this virus is going to spread pretty quickly. Yes, okay, so gonna get done on volume. So we're going to need we're going to need whether we pick it out in the country, I feel like we're going to need we're going to need guns at some one. We're gonna need something that can shoot a Zombie from a little way. Well, I guess that's also the benefit of Gett into the countries. There's going to be a higher probably concentration of guns. Yeah, so that's good. Right. Yeah, particular, straight up, it was. If it was America, would be absolutely set. We could just go to... Daver. Just look at my bedside table. Oh yeah, that's yeah, that's AK forty seven that I bought from Walmart. So, yeah, you could do we could do something like that. So we have to get to the country, whereas you got high ground, so that we can see them coming. We need to sit up. We would need to set up like a would we go and set up like an alarm system on the outside of the property, or we just purely going off like a I guess. I guess sentry kind of set up. So like somebody's always on lookout. I'm going to people on lookout and they're reach in charge of a point of the compass. Sure, and one. So are they going to be the most trustworthy people? So now we're going to we're going to have to rotate it. Oh, you thinking we're going to get betrayed? Look, not thinking we're gonna get betrayed. I think there's going to be people the lazy. That's the issue. So, like, you can't be lazy. Zombie apocalypse time exactly, fus. So, like I'm starting to pick it might not take you. I'm the practical thinker here. So you need yeah, okay, so I got two people constant rotation. That's good, that's going to eat. He's gonna be able to see them in they're coming. What are we going to go to? Concern is nightfall. What are you yeah, yeah, that's true. Maybe we can pick up night vision goggles. As you send us a message. Where would you pick up some night vision goggles in the Zombie Apocalypse? If you email, ust got on the website Semin alexcom. Got A got all. Sorry, always forget. It's not a yeah, yeah, let us know, but you pick up some night vision boggles, that'd be useful. Okay, so that's probably gonna be the first thing is we need to be to see things in the dark. Obviously the place that we choose is going to be well, like protected. Maybe. Oh, can these zombies drive? No, they can't. Okay, so we got it. So we have a pretty you never know, but sorry, I'll be drive. I'm pretty sure that it driver is short of their door. Okay, so I was gonna have a long time before they get out there. Right. Well, you have like months? I yes, maybe not. Well, weeks and weeks. So gonna have a while, I said. Okay. So the plan would be to obviously set up the house as well as we could get to like a really good high high ground spot acably as well. Yeah, we need a gym. Yeah, I'm paradise kind of thing. Paradise. Actually, fuck it, I'm swapping my dad out for the rock. Sorry, Dad, although it's gonna cost a lot to feed it. That's the thing, measurement. Oh yeah, so food wise, so we're purely going to be hunting? Yeah, yeah, I'M gonna be hunting, because we wouldn't be we would be risking going to calls because, like, well, make we don't want to harmony innocent animals and risk Peter getting us, because that's that's that's worse than a Zombie. So obviously we'd be having a plant based Diet, very heavy plant they so, yeah, exactly. I'd rather shoot myself. Might just stay at the CBDC our log I last yeah, true, that he's that a p Arcada be fun or we could do that. So we need, yes, we got, was that six people and mini van to get out there. We're looking at for golf club's creep bats stide off with and then trying to procure a gun. Essentially going to the Grampians. We're picking up some night vision goggles. Women Two People Watch. We're building a gym and a house. We're not hunting for food, we've got a plant based Diet and we're near a fresh water source. So we're actually doing OK shit. I reckon...

...that will work. What do you reckon? It's going to be the thing that like catch us this out. I don't reckon we'll get out of the city. But you know, it's one of those movies that just lasts twenty five. That's so. Yeah, a fuck, they caught them. Yeah, Goddamn that look. I thought, HMM, now, if we can make it, getting out the cities, the harder, I reckon. The rest is a bit easier. I reckon. That's a thing I can if we can get out of the city in a reasonable at a time and not sort of, you know, hiding for days trying to like look for people and stuff, then I reckon. Yeah, I reckon we'd be okay. The also thing is that you have to understand that everybody's expendable. So, like you can't be you can't just let yourself be set of taken a back, I guess, by people getting like, you know, lost to the zombies. Yeah, and we're also expendable in the sense that this could be the plot of expendables four or five or whatever they're up to now, and if we've got the rock, that's hundred percent going to happen. God, I love that movie. They're an that is that is an unbelievable cast iron to the first one. Is it like? Never seen any of them? Ah, it's like sly, Jean Claude Van dam, Terry crews problem? I don't think so. Was He in the second one? Maybe? Think Liam Hemsworth is in the second one. Weir Lee and I get Lee. Yeah, get lie, I'm pretty sure. Yeah, like proper action stars, something a bit of big Google. We're not there, not the expendables that you expend. So the expendables, expendables cast had sliced alone, Jason State, that, which are completely figure jet Lee, Dolph lungern, rhet flow, Randy Kutchua, stone cold, Steve, Austin Sheet. Are you right? Yeah, Terry Cruise, you're right, and Mickey and Mickey Rourke as well. God, Tyr yea section movie serious loves good Shit. All right, well, I reckon. We've gone for about forty minutes, so I reckon. We could, I can, probably should call it. That was a that was a heck of a heck of an episode. Hose on real. I hope everybody enjoyed it. Thanks for listening to episode three. Will Not showing to release this one probably same time next week, earlier really, depending. Yeah. So, yeah, everybody, visit Samu aleixcom dot a. You if you got anything to you know, send us. Make sure you fall on facebook, instagram and you can listen to this on anyway. You can find a good podcast spotify, Google podcasts, apple podcast, soundcloud. We're out there. We're out there, out there and everywhere. All right, cool, choose everybody. Thank you. Thanks, guys. That's all for today's episode. Thanks for listening to the SAM and Alex podcast.

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