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Episode 10 · 1 year ago

Episode 10 - Our Last One (For A Little Bit)


[Recorded via Zoom] - In Episode 10, Sam and Alex chat about a lot....probably too much. Also, MJ is mentioned again.

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To my listening to. You're listening to the sum and Alex podcast. Monkey Penis, monkey penis. To you, sir. Thank you. You so it's not easy. It's nice to hear the the code words back. You know what? We thought would do a bit of a throwback Thursday episode, even though we're according this on a Wednesday. That's right, we don't play by your rules behind the scenes. It's almost like a tvw throwback. Yeah, tbw. Yeah, live in the day. Now, we're so cool. We're just making it throwback Wednesdays. Let's let's make it a thing. Talk Tuesdays, Throwback Wednesdays and getting blitz Thursdays. Love it getting blitzed every day. Your Rona, right, night on ruin. It's that as you may be right as your weekly by yeah, it's been good bye. It's been good. We had some relax restrictions in down here in Victoria and we overtook Sydney, which is the good news for most cases. Yeah, caught Mat Sydney. I of it well. On Your South Wales listeners, sucking can just they are very what come at me brow. I don't like. I feel like as soon as the restriction has got loosened, people just started at licking doorknobs or some shit just to really put his the head. Now I'll tell you, brat, there's no Jims or to do adop. So, with the relaxed restrictions, I want to see my family down the coast caught up with my granddad. Obviously, one and a half meters of parks. He's in the at risk category. There's no other way of describing my granddad. He is Jack City. Eighty three years old. He is Jack hammered toight as a tire tous. We did a bit of a workout. We kind of did like a power hike along the sand dudes in the beach, really steep steps and dudes. Yeah, we ended up doing about five or six K like I you know, you know, men, mate, I'm a bit of an athlete and even I found it a challenge and my granddad's just powering through it at eighty three years old. He also lifts as well, so he got into doing a bit of white stuff earlier in the kind of encouraged him because you know, when he gets at that age they start losing a bit of muscle mass and a bit of strength. Yeah, and then and then I called him one point during the week. He's like, yeah, I've been four times this week, like Wednesday, that and then. And then did you ask him what do your bedge? And he's like, I don't Betch I do high intensity Reps. I'm yeah, so, you know, and his girls to get to a hundred is he keeps telling me. So He's definitely going the right way about it. So I definitely consider him the most jacked old person that I know. I can't think if anyone else cool, anyone else over the age of eighty. That's that Jack. Yeah, let's go actually, like you be sure easing like the top percentile? We shouldn't. Surely it should ends like the senior games or something like the Olympics were senior people. Probably. Yeah, and then I go into sort of a semi racist friends or something that, like most elderly people the think about that easy. They see they on their off Ella because it being lecture about the coronavirus and how like it's not a thing and all that sort of stuff. Yeah, hundred percent. It's nothing compared to the Spanish flu. It's nothing compared to the war. And you know, as he as he often likes to tell me I lived through a war at my lifetime ago. Well, you really count? I mean you're it. You're born a nine hundred and thirty six. He was like, who's three when it kind of kicked off, like your child, you didn't go to war. I mean to be honest, like the warden really really come out this way? So, I mean, you know, I've lived through a pandemic now because, yeah, yeah, it's to be fair. I think I think you give me pretty safe in in Julog for like, you know, where the Japanese invade. I think they're really worried too much about you along. Yeah, it was. Yeah, you grew up in Portland in the western district. That was target number one for the Japanese empire. Yeah, the hub of Australia, city of important western districts. There's some yeah, bloody, bloody, scary dairy farms out there, Japad sitting back. You...

...know, the number one thing we need write now. Let's that. What's that, Steve Dairy? Far We should go western Victoria. That's such a great idea. So never suspected. Yeah, a pretty quiet week. Nothing, you know, nothing overly exciting to happen. Obviously I had the opportunity to watch the last few episodes of the last dance, which will obviously touch on later, because I feel like that's gonna be a pretty a pretty big point. Obviously, in that last episode I'm pretty sure it took up we're gonna say eighty five percent of the episode was talking about the last dance. Oh Yeah, yeah, and I did COP bit of flag from some family members who do listen to the episode. One family member WHO's who shall remain nameless, gave me a good fifteen minute lecture on can you stopped talking about fucking sport like it was? It was apparently to Jordan heavy, a bit like the last dance to Jordan heavy. That's that hurts. Actually, yeah, I know it's no way to talk about the goat the game. Will also touch on later, but before tease there, well done. It's fashion this shite. No rose. But saw a completely random here. But I saw a really interesting bit of news today. Don't know. You might have seen this actually. I think I flicked this over to about our Lord and Savior Joe Reagan from the Joe Reagan experience, the the intellectual that is here again. I did see this year that he's going to be moving exclusively to spotify's pulling all his youtube content, absolutely everything from Jire is moving to spotify, I think later this year, and they estimate it's going to be a deal worth a hundred million dollars. US Damn huge. Now, look, we can only assume that this is a reactionary approach by Joe Rogan, represent as we are almost we're not exclusively on spotify, but we're on spotify. Yeah, he's seen it as as we rightfully are, a pretty strong threat. So definitely. So he's decided, shit, man, I'm gonna have to get on there. I have to smoke some weed, cook the milk and Hallo Peen, yes, and get on, get on spotify's it's gonna have to jump, jump at of the infrared sort at a hundred eighty degrees for twenty minutes. It literally cook myself jump over to spotify to crush these dudes. So it's it is a hundred percent. It's it's definitely reactive death. Yeah, a hundred percent. And you know what, I think we should just take it as a compliment. Like obviously he's acknowledge that we're there. We I mean like you know, we might take a while to kind of reach his level. Like our deal was only it was a tiny, a tiny bit less than a hundred million that that they offered him. Obviously we won. We won't jump into figures and we don't want to comment on it, but it was a lot. HMM, exactly, like I mean. So, on behalf of all of us here aboard team spotify, welcome to the team, joke, thanks for joining the club. You know what they I think it makes it. I think it's better because now we can really we can compare ourselves against him. Like I knew like before he was kind of like a little bit he seemed a little bit, sort of too far away because obviously you didn't have any he didn't sit on spotify as a platform for his podcast. But I think now that we're kind of within reaching distance, we can now really start to, you know, sort the shit out a hundred percent. And you know what, it comes with perfect timing, because today is our ten episod. So it is with the the big ten. If this was a TV show, they'd be canceling us because would be the end of the first season. Not exactly shows. Get me up. The first season I mean, let's be honest, if it was us, we probably would have got canceled at the pilot. But still, yeah, don't listen to the pilot. The pilots are never great. You know. It's usually season three when people hit their stride. Ye, any good TV show, Rick and Morty, Archer, that art was pretty good straight away. Kan Season One was been. Archer was good and then if you watched any of the recent ones, like season seven or eight, where he went back like to the was it the arch of Vice? Was was? That was shocked. Yeah, Shit Ass. Yeah, yeah, why to fuck up a good TV show? Fox, there's very few like that's actually like that should be something we could bring up all the time. Actually, like what seas, what shows, got better with age and what significantly deteriorated with age, like something laying theory. Yes, true, is in got got worse. That was terrible from I think about season four onwards. Yeah, to be fair, as pretty early I think they had about it.

He did strives sort of mid season three and they'd both by the end of the season before they're running God fubes, and then somehow still didn't none of Ted Seasons after that. I reckon friends friends got better with age. Yeah, friends did. Yeah, yeah, that's good one. The Simpsons got significantly worse, although they've gone for like thirty seasons, like season I've got to think with my friends. I think season two till about maybe twelve or thirteen is like peak simpsons, and you can always go back and watch it and and that's where they will find good. Yeah, you'll find the best sort of content. Anything after there or before there, you pretty much fucked South Park. I don't think I can name a bad season. They've only got funnier. I think particularly cans it on when it gets more relevant as well, like because they're essentially political. So yeah, they just go with whatever is happening in the world. But the riders have said, I love other riders of basically just said, you know what, fuck it, we don't have to create any content here. We're just going to change some of the characters. Just go with the crazy shit that's happening in real life, which just going to make Mr Garrison trump. And Yeah, exactly when you got fucking trump is pro as a president. You've really got there. so much gear there in itself, but you don't have to worry about it. He's a content goaline. He is like comedy riders. Just they essentially just hung up the boots when he got in. It's bought the gravy train. Tune the next four years of fucking written. And so actually, sorry before we before move right ahead. We actually got our first taste of live sport away from like UFC. There was actually live stadium sport this week with the Jo yes, all signing up again subundersliga. Is it bout dish Leiga? It was. It was. It was weird to watch, particularly with the subs being like two meters apart wearing masks. It was all quite yeah, that was that, but it was. Yeah, it was always good that you can sort of sit down and watch a bit of watch a bit of sport. Ko subscription isn't going to waste, which is nice. It's good. Yeah, and yeah, I think everyone's now massive fan of German football for a change. HMM, to be fairly really yeah, did you see? Here's the striker for Dortmund. Hanged on hot yeah, pronounce it. Yeah, I don't know, Eddie Harland harder. That's you know what he's entire name sounds like, you know when your mom's really cross. And uses your full name. Yeah, you can't. You gon't just say Harland of your soccer boards for rights. Just second a wonderful impression of the German accent as well. I like that. I got for US tree. But yeah, say, think it's Europe. So skin same, if A. Yeah, that's why they've all been such good friends. Germany folds with such good I just make swiftly on there. But did you see his is post game interview? I did actually just he just gave one syllable answers and people are just saying, is he a robot? Someone for want to turn him on the place? Magi to be so like, what was your summary of the gold? He was like it was a goal. He's that. They're just like, so, why did you celebrate to you know, Dortmund, Scott, what they call the Yellow Wall? Yeah, their fans. Yeah, they like. He's like, why did you celebrate and point to them even that there's no one knows, like because I scored. It's just like Oh, great groby, here they're fling obviously a podcast with him at last for like probably like a minute and a half, and it's just him responding with one, one syllables. If you like the first joy ragon with elont mask, just the awkward hangede. This is not being able to understand anything that the other person is say. Just two very, very different frequencies. They yeah, can you imagine, like in a world where Joe Rogan at Elon Musk we're friends, like naturally organically they were actually friends? It would be so funny. The conversations are bigger, crews like everything, like Elon Musk kind of fly a fucking bars and invent like you know, and essentially like an artificial brain. And don't really it's going to bring everything back to Jiu Jitsu held you see, really stressed here. Spoke some weed and do Jiu Jitsu. All the great people have done Jiu Jitsu high. Also have some elk and cook yourself and a sauna. He's a weird cat, but we don't have big show get to jail. Big Fans, the big, big, big. We're big fans of JRE and he's a big Fan of the SAM and Alex podcast. Yeah, welcome to the spotify family. Just before...

...we move on to the very first segment, we probably should just say a little bit about the future of the show and how we're going to kind of structure it moving forward, just because when we initially sat down to do this in the midst of the corona panic, we thought, you know, first ten episodes, we kind of keep it sort of fairly general, we kind of touch on a bit of everything. Move it moving forward. We're kind of going to move it more into the sporting sector. Is, you know, the last two three episodes probably show sure, but the next ten in particular, we're going to we're going to have a bit of a break after this for a few weeks and then we're going to come back hit the ground running with ten episodes kind of focusing on a different sport each time, and we get we're going to have the odd guests here and there and call them, you know, your local sporting heroes. Yeah, so that's some yeah, it's very exciting. We're going to talk about things like croquet curly and try and bring in somebody who knows something about Croka and curly. Absolutely, and then we're going to do a few mainstream sports, obviously, but we're going to find some some fast and loose ones out there. Oh, yeah, so I'm yeah, it's going to be exciting. Prepared to yeah, expect that in I don't know when we'll do it. Probably play a month's time. Ething sirs. Yeah, the first one might come out in a month. Yeah, we're going to have we'll have a bit of time to prepare everything gets some people sorted to come in. We got some of yeah, we got some pretty good ones. For we got some mates that are going to be hilarious to talk about things that I don't understand anything about. So be good. Bit like us. Like us, like we don't know anything but still can chat. No, and May, speaking of not knowing anything about anything, it's time to get involved in one of the great debates of all time. Any, any sports fan has been involved in a goat debate. spoorting chats shot the greatest of all time, for those of you don't follow sport or have a life. So this kind of came back of off the back of the last dance. Obviously, Jordan many consider to be the goat of basketball, and that q angry screaming from all the Bron fans did the brand did it with the cavs a fel but this led us to kind of think, of all all the sports of all time, who's the goatiest goat. The ghost is goat amongst all goats. So Jordan many considered the goat of basketball. Sure, sure. Now others that entered the conversation, like Lebron Kobe, Kareem, etc. Ben Simmons in the future. Once hens had a shoot race. The sharp shoot of it is been to hus yeah, he's not going to get it. It's not gonna get traded to the golden state anytime soon, is he? Can you imagine? Yeah, can you aguely enjoys clay and Steah? And he's just like and it was so funny to watch it like practice, everybody shooting for outside the ring and he's like, yeah, you can't get a close you get to have to get a rebounded because the number of air balls he's going to seek. But this led us to a bit of debate. So the goatiest goat, who do you reckon? Is the most dominant of all the goats? WHO's the greatest? I love this. I'll I'll let you go first on this one might because I've got a couple of options here. Me Too, makes it go either way. All right, let's go, we'll go. Let's go like one, me one, you won me one year. All right, all Righty, so I'm gonna say for the goatiest goat of all time, I'm gonna say Tiger Woods. So in obviously playing golf, we all know that he can pick up a bird but and a birdie get around that Zigok. I see, yes, even seeing a zinger boom the do. So I think he's in terms of prize money, one by an athlete. I think he's the first person to win one billion dollars in prize money. Don't we wouldn't come across a salary or anything like that from any other athlete that would be close to that. So I think in terms of like the money factor, I think he brings like obviously that in terms of performance he is probably like by far in the last, you know, thirty five years. There's there are some that would probably be considered like Jack Nicholas and Arnold Palmer as like, you know, that kind of level. But I think in terms of, you know, just the winningness that he can do, that he did or can do like exceeded anybody of that time, I can't.

I can't think of anybody who sort of matches that kind of level. Ay and he's still going so he could would even more majors. Well, it's the thing, like he's won. He want to Major. It was at last year or the before, after coming back from the whole crushing, crushing his car and cheating on his wife, the whole the whole sit ship had yet and obviously, yeah, he's been able to come back from that and then, you know, keep winning, keep winning, which is significantly hard for a particularly golf like because golf kind of, you know, it's a it's a fucker of a sport. Fucker, a sports, the worst thing you us with. Like I hate golds, Frustralia, really hate gold. It's so it's so nice if be going to just like go out into like a paddock and just start hitting golf balls like it's fun. Yeah, like a drop. The driving range is the most fun because essentially you just smashing the shit out of the Golf Ball. Yeah, when you got actually aim for something and having shot, because no matter how good you are at Golf, you will fuck up with at least one shot per hole. Yeah, that will fuck up your score for the entire hole. You can play a beautiful drive, beautiful chip onto the green and then three put the fucker. Yeah, and and get a fuck, you know, get a Bogie on apart four, whereas get a tiger, goes out there game after game after game and delivers in yeah, he's other nickname is the postman, because you always delivers, usually to other blokes. Wave, exactly, doom. Hit Me with yours, my first one. You know how much we love crickead is a cricketing goat. Love this. Now it's hard to have a goat in cricket. I guess can't like a few other sports, because you've kind of essentially got two rolls, batsman and bowlers. Sure this is, this is by far the batting goat. So I should preface by saying this. Donald Bradman by far, by far, purely because and and obviously, Sachin Tendalka has the most runs ever, closely followed by Ricky ponting. But in the Bradman era of the s and the s brabant has the highest average for anyone to ever play the game. So, to put it in context, a good, very good average is considered forty or above. Fifty or above is exceptional. I think Ricky ponting ended his career with fifty two sat in fifty one, smudule smote sixty two whatever. Smudge currently sixty three. Yeah, you know, my last season I think I was sixty two by eighty six, but the dawn was thirty runs higher than that. Averaging Ninety nine point nine four in test match cricket, which is exceptional, insane. Well, was a hundred almost every time he got to back. He had a duck in his first and his last endings. I believe that cost him. Yeah, but and even when he consider you know just how shit our spatting equipment was back then. He had no gloves. You just had pads. I don't really think they have boxes there. No, you didn't have helmets, arm guards, nothing. And these guys are still bowling. You know, a hundred, forty clicks. That bowling pretty quickly back then. Yeah, and he's of the bodyline series and still averaged in the ninth high lights absolutely. Those who don't know that the bodyline series, when it's kind of considered a very ugly moment in cricket where the dirty old palms started busts, but bowling at started bowling at the Dawn, started bowling at the batsman truck purposely trying to hurt him. Yeah, thank so. I'd say if he'd played in the modern era, he would have been beyond dominant, even beyond smudge potentially, and that's scary to think about, which is scary. So I'd probably say that Donna be up there because I've don't know anyone that's ever dominated their craft that much. That's a good yeah, I really like that one and actually I'm going to I'll follow that one up with my one. My next go to his coat of all time is going to be fill the power Taylor, fill the power tailor. So in the the mighty sport of Darts, Hey, this gem, this ady and donnisimmer man and his one sixteen world championships, miles ahead of anybody else, you know within the...

...darting community, and the Dart loves the DART, that's sure. Say. Yeah, fill fill Taylor with sixteen. The next best is Raymond van Barneveld with five. So like he's so far ahead of anybody else it is. Yeah, he's just insane in his sport. The only man who probably gets better after a few drinks as well in being out of finish, like finisher recall, like a set whatever it's called. Yeah, that. That definitely is worth mentioning, though, because none of the athletes that we've got is the go to guys. You put a couple of drink, you put, you know, six or seven beers in Michael Jordan, there is no way. He's sinking bucket after bucket, exactly exactly like saying with the Don, you know he'll start missing the ball after, you know, probably two pints. Steel gets better, we'll get feel gets better. It is still smashing out the s even after seven or eight pints. In fact, he plays better the more he drinks. Exactly. He's got a bear my almost like ever, about what do you reckon that Don's gonna be in my Donald Bradward's average? He's he's yeah, he's playing fast and loose with his like, you know, with his health, but fuck it, I is good. Is a good athlete's commitment to his craft a hundred percent. So that's my next and it's contribution to our go to your scoat list. All that is a beauty. My final one is it's been a left field one and I feel like you're going to fight me on this. The cycling goat once on the juice arm strong into now. Now, look, we're all quite familiar with large arm strong and the fact that he did cheat. I would like to point this out, where you and I've both seen the Acharis documentary in just what how easy it was to dope it cycling, sure, in the Aeriel in the era when he dominated, but the fact remains everyone else who is tested in the era when he won the top that you'd have had to go to thirty one, I believe, or maybe it was twenty seven, to find the next person who was on the juice, if that makes sense. Yeah, or yeah, away all his titles, the twenty seven placed rider, and bear in mind there's usually about a hundred and fifty, hundred and a hundred, ten hundred fifty in the Tour de France. The twenty seven best bloke would have been the one that ended up with the titles, which is ridiculous. It's so given they're all on the juice and he still won seven Tour de fronts titles. Is Exceptional. And the Tour de France is, you know, one of the most physically demanding sports out there, one of the most challenging events, sure, and I think the next highest most number of Tuter fronts titles beat probably Crisp Room, I think, is one for now. Yeah, just over half what. Armstrong was one, and then I'm strong even came back. I don't know if you remember this. He came back from retirement. I thinking about two thousand and seven thousand and eight, HMM, and cycled for one of the teams and he wasn't even the lead rider. So in cycling they all each team cycles for one rider. He doesn't even the lead rider and he still came third. Yeah, it seems sane. And that was yeah, so you got he was diagnosed with testicular cancer in ninety six or something like that, and it was laughter. It was after that that he kept he won the majority of his his these titles, like he's just insane. Yeah, freak at all the juice aside, and he was on all the all the hits. Yeah, the GATORADE sponsorship. Now it was sponsored by the Russian government. He was of that. He's take a bed, take a piss and it would melt the cup. And you know, he's still won. So I'd say he's definitely worth considering, whether or not each heated. True, and he married Catholic and he married Sheryl Crowe as well. Good effort, with one nut, with one night. He get through that with one nut. The bloody good effort. That's impressive to keep a marriage together with one n yeah, I know colas wondered this because there was a rumor. Did you ever hear this school or something? You know, when they used to, when they used to do fizzed checks, that kind of thing back in the day, they'd kind of cut your scroll and ask you to turn to the side and cough. He says you went to a different school than I did. What wasn't so much school as Church, and that's pretty up different every what was I going with this? School teachers touching are scrot no, that's regular conversation.

Yes, yes, so one nut. Surely that would have held him back aerodynamically speaking? Yeah, how can we get more concircles the rest of its life? Surely that throw you re equilibrium off? Yeah, so on, I can. Yeah, what lost all these balance? Yeah, there you go. Do you get a replacement mat? I think you actually do. Maybe that was just from a show that I watched. That's completely wrong, but I thought that maybe you do get a use to pick you, you know, you get to pick your nut. What what you per see is one for it. What would you what would you fear? God forbid you lose righty or lefty. What was your replacement, Tony, and hopefully not king snake. What would you have replacement not be made out of? What's Wolverines? I think that's the only I think that's the only possible answer. Or would you go like a nice warm up, pun the Pun? Well, maybe something with like it? Yeah, like a warm like a heated and attached so that when it gets really cold, you just touched Chockol, it warms up the other testicleage. That's brilliant. Check the hand, down the strides and on up your old fingers, heads, henstead, the stracts. All right then, should we pick the ghostiest goat? So we so three agents. Okay, so between we including M Jane this as well? I yeah, we can include M Jan this. I don't think and I think he makes the go to your goat. No, I would. I would agree with that. So we got between fill, the power, Taylor lands, arm strong, yeah, Dawn, the Don and tiger woods and tiger. She's that? You reckons the most dominant. Look. Should we just be patriotic and go with the DON yeah, here we go, fakes, easy decision making. There not even an ounce of thought when into it. Just like most pundits, Donald Bradman is the goatiest goat check. It's next bit of content. Thank you. Thank you. Maybe swiftly yard. Oh, actually, I could all edge. I'll letroduce the next one. Why not? Okay. So again we're looking at sports. Ready for it and we talked a little bit about the last dance and being out of finish. The last dance, last episode, last few episodes, the last dance. There was a specific episode where they talk about Michael Jordan playing, I think it was the Utah Jazz with the flu. Yes, hands and and what? What? Jordan sort of confirmed as being food poisoning from a dodgy pizza that he had. Yeah, so I thought we'd sort of be able to bring up the topic. You go through and I've played sport for, you know, many years. Provide me with your an example of when you've felt the worst playing sport. Obviously this also includes hangovers as we've gotten a little bit older and probably, let's be honest, is probably going to be the one that comes up more often. Because most sport is played on a Saturday and Friday nights. A fun sue US shoot me right. All right. So do you have an example where you've, like as Jordan did, rocked up to a game of feeling pretty bloody rubbish and and then being out of sort of finish, or ideally be out of play as well as he didn't hit, like the hit was at thirty nine points or something like that, and then hit the winning shot. Oh No, made. I've never formed in sport. I've played a lot of sport. Never now I've got I've got a couple of examples that. But my first one to be I was playing soccer when I was bad eight or nine and I just I was so run down with the flu, just felt like absolute Shit's not streaming out of my head at a rate of knots. And it was in the middle of English winter, five degrees Celsius, is it not? The ground? It was a nice Spring Day episte. The ground itself was frozen. You couldn't even you were dreading getting, you know, hit to the floor or going for a slide tackle or something, because you just going to absolutely scuff yourself to pieces. So it was game on the side of a hill. I don't know if you've ever played this cricket or footy or a anything, a game where the actual ovals on a massive slant. So one half...'re playing downhill, the other half you're playing uphill, and you never score when you're playing uphill. Sure no one wanted to be there. It was windy as so I think with the wind chill factor is probably something like twelve. All the parents were frozen on the sidelines. My Auntie, it actually was over on holiday from from Australia, so God knows why she came to watch the game. I think we lost about five or six. Now that game, I'm ever touched the ball. Touch the ball twice and I remember in the car on the way home going she literally won't I cannot believe I flew tenzeros see that shit. I could relate to that him. So yeah, it's just the worst actually speaking. Yeah, speaking of cold, shitty days when you're a kid, I remember playing footy in so Geru from the country. So the winters are a little bit a little bit chillier in the country, I think. So yeah, and what we used to at our the footy grounds were used to play on that. So they used to be a cricket pitch in the middle, but what they would do is cover it with mud at the start of the year and and hope that grass grew over it properly so that, you know, it would look natural. So I think this game must have been early in the winter or or maybe yeah, so like that. So they'd put the mud on it, but what it happened is it was so cold overnight the Mudd and essentially turned twice, so it was like play. So it was just if you're getting cuts, like you if you fell on it rather than sort of sliding as you're meant to, you get proper cuts and it's like pull like frozen ice shanks out of knee. Yeah, so there's there would have been probably three or four examples of yeah, playing in like when you're under thirty. So probably eleven or twelve playing on those shitty grounds in the fucking freezing winter. Ah, that's horrible. Yeah, it's multiple times when kids were crying, being like I don't want to be here. A few kids they would they would sit in the middle of the ground across their legs and put their hands underneath their arm pits just to try get warm. So yes, there's quite a few of those when you sort of probably would want to be a bit younger than thirty. But yeah, just some absolutely shocking examples of plagued crappy, you know, crappy weather, I think. But I think the best examples of when we've gotten a bit older and particularly when I was, when I started to be able to drink. And, as I said, Friday nights are fun in Melbourne. We could. We used to particually. You and I used to go out a lot after on a Friday after work, the Sesh, the Sessh, the Friday sesh, and for SSH and which stupidly decided to play cricket on the Saturday mornings. Down Idiots. Yeah, Dad, it jolong where it would get us an are at a half drive anyway. So they're quite I mean I remember I famously pulled out of one game towards, I think's the last game of the year. Every went here Joan to tell this story. Yes, sure is. This is hilarious. Last game of the year. It was a further drive than usual. Don't know if anyone's familiar with port Arlington or the Tarlington some people call it. It's about a two and a half hour drive from Melbourne. You and I we got on the source the night before the sessh was real. You probably went a little harder than usual. I remember. I think you would just with your very serious long term girlfriend at the stage. Yeah, not a huge amount of time, but I remember I had three or four very angry phone calls from it in the space about twenty minutes checking if you were still alive, because that, yeah, I remember. I do it. So we were said it. We started drinking. I made my boss started drinking after work, probably at like three o'clock on a Friday. So we started drinking pretty early and then you came after you finish work. So I don't know, maybe thirty or something like that, and we were alway already probably, you know, five fights down. And it didn't. I got progressively worse after that. And it did and we caught it. We couldn't do and I think probably got what do you think about? Two streets the probably have got it. Probably get in the in you for two minutes and I was like, you know what, I think I need to walk this. I good, I'm going to walk this off. That was very considerate, because it was my uber as well. So I was worried about marating, because you're kind of gum Pale as a ghost in the act. See. I like, yeah, he's gonna, he's gonna Chuck his Gut. So you just went not, I'm getting out of the you, but I'm just going to walk it for a bit. So I had someone's garden. Yeah, so I got I got a I I think I's actually sick. I sick what I got back to your place. I saved that for you. So I got...

I got out of you, but wasn't too short where I was, ended up walking completely the wrong direction and called my girlfriend from a car park in the kind of middle of dockles or something like that, being like I'm Nott too short where I am, but then, like as you, kind of on the call and walk around your side to sober for a little bit, like I should. I do it walking your place. Had about three mis calls, you probably had three goals you had to put, yeah, put up with, and then yet made it to your place passed out of the couch. was incredibly unwell. Caught the cord an Uber home the next morning at about five am, then work up it. I'm going to say about ten o'clock, but we're about we've kind of had to leave and, yeah, just gave you the call men, like yeah, cuts. Yeah, I believe you're exact words were. I'll take that as a day that yeah, not my not my yeah, my, my best moment. Worst, the worst part, a part about that game as well, which we actually scrape through one by some miracle, was that we were fielding first and you you open the bowling so you would have had to open from one end or the other. I don't think you would have made it to the crease. No, I would have been sick a hunt episode. Oh, because I use I've got a rule if I've had a really big night, is that if I don't feel better by usually by about one o'clock or two o'clock, that I'm going to have a really, really bad day. Like you just know you're not going to get better, to be throwing up all day, because essentially you just give it. You yourself alcohol poisoning and ruined your body. Yeah, so I remember that day. It got to about twelve o'clock and I think we could still maybe have just made it if we if we'd left it about twelve and yeah, we would have been a little bit late, but not too late. And so, like I knew that there was no chairs. I think I just woke it up after passing out on the floor of my bathroom, like I god, this is it, this is not gonna be fun. That'll do me. That feel absolutely do me. So yet gave you the call. Be like that, calling it. Can't make it, then yeah, so, I mean, I suppose that's an example of being so hung over that we couldn't play. But actually I think the most hungover I've played cricket was this year. I can't remember exactly it would have been again as a Friday night, when I imagine you and I probably went out somewhere sish the Sish, and we got to the game. was feeling pretty rubbish on the drive. We usually get we always get a macus breakfast on the drive there as well. We're struggle as we're wrath lot because with such athletes we burn it off and like twenty minutes, but exactly know what. But in the warm up at like we actually woke up for by war, but we be going out to inspect the astro wicket walking walking back and having a chat about the sesh before. Yeah, so we yeah, so we got that again. I was opening the bowling and I felt so rubbish, like, you know, hey, you sort of you running and you're sort of feeling like you're not a hundred percent sure if your army is going to follow where your brain wants it to. It's just yeah, it was one of those I was getting like double vision running in slammed about two gatorade in probably twenty minutes to try and get through it all. Oh, yeah, I remember that game down. Yeah, yeah, and I imagine I batted rubbishly. Can only issue I that was it. That was the game that I threw by Bat. Oh, yeah, when I hit a hundred. Yeah, you and I pulled up very different. Yeah, I think I can only assume that you finished a little bit earlier that I did. I think so. Now I've got smarter as I got all the with. You know, Past Alex does a great job of looking after present Alex by leaving a bottle of water by the side of the bed, and I usually find if you do a better leader of water before you get to bed, you're okay. I'm the sort of dickhead that gets back from a night out and be like, Oh, you know, I really feel like a Gidn't tonic, says make me feel better. So that I get I get like distracted, probably start watching friends or some shit like that, smashing another two gin tonics and then, yeah, they pass out the couch and then should probably go to bed. Now Down Felly. I feel like okay, I'm feel like okay, I don't like make seven different Greek type yeah, I should be right. got into any s liver. Yeah, things were okay and then, yeah, put your head down. You like pillow starts fucking spinning like nobody's business. Yeah, then you lie down and then you probably goes help by be now remember what you thought to rubles? Here... is from three hundred and sixty different angles. Jesus. Yeah, so that was yeah, I guess, probly the most Hungover I felt. You have an example where you felt incredibly hungover? Not incredibly hung over. I'd actually say this is more an injury during the game and I had to carry on. Yeah, but I felt so sick it was disgusting. I was playing rugby and this is before my gross butts. I would have been every bit of five, five, seven, five eight maybe, but yeah, whereas now I'm a confident six three, ladies but wells play fullback in this game and I remember at one point. I don't know how much you know about Rugby Union, but I was in I got tackled and I went down and they're forming a ruck over the top of me and one of the forwards goes with the foot to try clear the ball back and his foot stamps straight on my right testicle, like absolutely square in the nut and presses down really hard. Honestly thought it was going to burst. Jesus. The pressure was dadded. Ted's like he's still on and this guy was. We were only about one thousand, six hundred and seventeen, but this kid would have been probably ninety od kilos. But then, yeah, big boy. I think he's in jail now, but I remember getting up and our rugby catch was a pretty tough nut. Welsh guy, you know, took absolutely no shit, did Mr Jeans, you where to run it off, boy or because it's because you can see, I was in pain. I've never felt so sick in my life. I think I threw up on the touch line. Yeah, at least once, if not twice, and I could barely move. I wasn't we didn't have any subs that day, which roughly you really need sups. Yeah, Oh, yeah, so I couldn't go off unless we were man down. I think I played a good twenty thirty minutes arm for the completely bruise nut and then after the guy, I was just crying in the coach all the way back, ice all over my ball bag. It was was actually the worst. That's shocking. It's actually didn't fall asleep because I'm ever, the one time that I've been hit really, really, like a solid hit in the nuts. Who are playing would be something like you know when you see you know when you're a real idiot, when you're a kid and there's like that game where you've got like a tennis racket and you're hitting tennis balls at a like it sounds really stupid, but you hitting a tennis ball at someone and like yeah, so you got there. Somebody one in trying to keep the tennis ball as hard as they can at the other person and they're either try to catch it or like dodge it or something like that. Don't know why you shit when you're young. Anyway, so did that. What do you want about? We still do that? Yeah, they's. Yeah, I was doing that in this person. They hit the tennis balls so hard at me. I wasn't watching. What happened. I turned around. It got me square in the nut, and so then you hit the fetal position. You throw up a little right, right to your lefty, lefty, Oh nice. So the nondominant side as well. That's if that means left, the left. He's the one that makes boys. Exactly. Heard that? So yet turned around. I got a squat, hit square in the balls throughout, hit the ground, fell asleep. It's like you just need to have a rest. Is because you let's he a hit like that. You've always are like you could, you could not try to protect this. We're going to shut us, WE'RE gonna shutting you down and your body's like not today. So think that's enough damage. I'm just going to turn him off. So, yeah, that was yeah, that's probably the one time that I've been hit awfully, and obviously with you as well, because of your famously distended testicles. Everything, ladies, it's a you know, it's a heightened situation. If you ever get if you ever get hit there. I mean obviously it's more likely as well, because you know they're playing down unique caps. Yeah, they they, yeah, they're sweet. The swing along. If I had three, I could do what's the game where you pull one back and they knock each other conkers? Get us. Yeah, you could play concus with myself if I'm family gay. Keep yourself amused for hours. Jimmy bath at your place. You can, if you ever bath to the probably would there. We go. Help us get this podcast big enough so I can afford bar. Then we can find out if my testicles will float higher than my head. It's definitely going... be a one person job, because I'm not going to get involved in that. It absolutely honest and the time of your life. Sharing is caring. Sure you're scared. I hate that. I know that you have to sended testicles as well, that I had. Did We? How did that come up in conversation one day? I think it. I think it's how we already started play cricket together and you're talking about its time. They got hit in the nuts and then, yeah, that makes sense. Yeah, that was as we're in Ball Bang. My testicles been through the ringer over the years. Yeah, if you can have kids. Going to be a fucking unbelievable if it's hit again. Ladies Ladies Idea, we should probably wrap that up talking about my testicles. Yeah, that's that's definitely be the well, that's yeah, that's been good. It's been a testicle heavy episode. It's a very testical heavy episode, a very heavy sports episode, which everybody can expect for the foreseeable future as we change their format, I guess, of the podcast. I guess. Yeah, the whole point of this was to make something like kind of, you know, fun and chill down, going to talk about testicles when it's time, when people are being pretty anxious and, you know, not ironically, people have been doing. They're not doing their not try to you know, try to get through what is a pretty anxious and shit time. So yeah, so once we once we come back in a month, obviously the whole situation is probably not one be better in a month, but at least we can start to, you know, change the structure a little bit and make it something that we've kind of planned on doing, since we ever talk about doing a podcast a hundred percent and just because is going to be no podcast from the makes two or three weeks will still be releasing little snippets of content and stuff that didn't quite make it into the the actual episodes. So stay tuned for some fun additional gear. Exactly. There's been a longing out on all our social channels exactly as Mellot of stuff has been you know, I'm broadcastable to say, yeah, I think testicles are bad. Well, exactly, if you can really get think about it in that we probably we will definitely put the testicle stuff in, and this is stuff that didn't make it to that level. Yeah, that's right strapping and or on. Exactly. Owner on, shit is going to get real the and no, thanks for thanks for listening to the first ten episodes. Obviously you can jump onto Samui lexcom dot AU to, you know, have a look at the website see all the episodes in there as well and also jump onto the you know, contact us forms and all that sort of stuff that we can hear from it. Absolutely we're going to be having guests. So if you'd like to become a guest on the same Alex podcast, please, like Sam says, submit a contact us form. Yeah, and would love to have you on the show. Tell us you specialty sport exactly and if anybody wants to hear about a specific sport as well. We've not completely decided all of the sports we're going to talk about. We'll talk about the big ones in Australia, but then obviously there's going to be a lot that we don't get. Like you know, there's heaps and heaps of sports so we can talk about. So if there's anything that you guys really want us to talk about, like you know, things like curling and all that sort of stuff that we've probably not thought about, getting after the Canadians to I mean I've mentioned curling probably three times in this episode. Yeah, if you got a secret curling, the CLADIAN government to really push curly, gross sport, that one. It is a grossport. So if you guys think of any any sports that we've probably not thought of, obviously you know, send us a send us a message and we'll talk about it. We've got no idea how we're going to do it. So if there's things like that we have no idea about, it will just be essentially us try to learn the sport as we go, talking a fair bit of crap, as we have done for the last ten episodes and the like. You're doing now exactly I have rambled on for Chibo. Yeah, yeah, stay tuned for early to mid June, episode eleven. We're going to hit the ground running. Exactly, scarys cheers. Yeah, that's all for today's episode. Thanks for listening to the sum and Alex podcast.

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